New features, just in time for Christmas!

Posted on Dec 14, 2016 9:38:04 AM by Elizabeth Simoneau

What better way to end 2016 than by unveiling new features available on the Amilia platform?  Check out our new  features this December:

New settlement reports for NETBANX 

We are happy to release a new report that will simplify your financial follow-ups. This new tool clearly shows all settlements NETBANX  has processed for payments made by CREDIT CARD on Amilia. Click here for more information.

Nouveautés Christmas FR-EN.png

Payment of overdue accounts

It is now possible to allow your customers to manage their online balance. There are two options available: you can allow full payment only or split payments for outstanding balnces.

Whatever your decision, you won't have to run after your money!

Resource management module

Beta testers have been working on the online resource management module for a few months now. We received a lot of feedback that has helped us improve its features.

Global calendars

In response to popular demand, our developers updated the resource module. You now have the option to view a master calendar which can be used to get an overview of all your resource schedules.

Print your calendars

Another request we had was to add a feature to print calendars. You can now obtain a PDF version of your calendars and print them for your employees.

print.calendar (1).png

Add a photo to your activities

A picture is worth a thousand words. You now have the option of adding a photo when you display activities in your store. Your online store will be even more inviting and easy to navigate for your customers. 



New display for the Skills module

The skills module just got a fresh update in order to facilitate your participants' skills assignment. You still have the same features, but in a more user-friendly and modern interface. Click here to rediscover this module.



Don't forget to consult the Release Notes section of the Amilia Community in order to get all the news about improvements made on the platform!