How Your Organization Can Benefit From a SaaS

Posted on 2/14/14 3:19 PM by Ashley Wood

In recent years, the idea of offering software as a service has been revolutionizing the way software is developed and delivered. The software as a service (SaaS) model - a concept we've touched on before on our blog - aims to make software more like a subscription to a magazine: you can subscribe to it as needed, and always having the latest edition is considered to be part of the initial purchase.

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If your organization revolves around managing activities, classes or events for a group of people, then you're likely familiar with the frustrations involved with the traditional "Perpetual License" model of software delivery. It can be a monumental struggle simply to get everyone on your staff on the same page with the same version of perpetual license software. Then, even a slight change in your requirements or an upgrade to the program can throw your operations off again. The problems posed by perpetual license software, combined with the new possibilities that come with SaaS solutions, are making SaaS an increasingly popular choice for social organizations.


Most active organizations point to scalability as the most noticeable of the many benefits they get from SaaS. With perpetual licensing software, adding a new user can be a complicated and expensive process; organizations frequently have to pay for a license for a user who will not be in the system for very long. The SaaS model eliminates this issue by allowing an organization to subscribe to the solution for exactly the number of users they have. Because the software is hosted on a centralized server rather than on your organization's individual machines, users can be added or deleted almost instantly.

SaaS Benefits for Organizations 

The centrally located hosting of SaaS solutions also solves the problems with upgrades and maintenance posed by perpetual license software. SaaS delivery allows all of the instances of your software to be upgraded or maintained at the same time without any involvement on your part. This makes it far easier to ensure that all your users have the version of your software that they need. Even better, you can integrate new capabilities into your software without going through the hassle of investing in a whole new program.


As more and more people discover that they like to do business using their mobile devices, cross-platform flexibility is becoming an important feature not offered by traditional software packages. Your software needs to run well not only on your staff's individual computers, but also on your customers' laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other mobile devices. SaaS solutions are designed to operate on the devices you and your customers prefer to use. This not only makes your operations simpler and easier to manage, but also makes your organization stand out for its convenient and easy-to-use customer interface.

SaaS for Organizations 

Some might say that the benefits of SaaS solutions are changing the way that  organizations do business, but that's not very accurate. Social organizations have always needed to manage a changing number of users, keep their users on the same page, and connect with users on the most convenient platforms possible. The SaaS delivery model is simply an adjustment of the software industry to the existing needs of organizations. 


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