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Posted on 8/25/17 2:30 PM by Kyle Shewfelt

Like many organizations, we had a prior experience with an online registration software that didn’t exactly meet our expectations. We got used to hearing feedback like, “your system is so confusing and frustrating” from customers far too often. It actually made me cringe with embarrassment on occasion! NOT AGAIN! Our administrative team also experienced difficulties when trying to navigate the system and this often led to unintentional mistakes or delays when dealing with customers.


We knew there had to be a better solution, so we embarked on a mission to find a new online registration system that would simplify our business rather than one that was continually creating headaches.

When we embarked on our mission, we dived in to an extensive vetting process. Some may call it a 2 month long 24-7 obsession, but what can I say? I’m a details guy and I take these types of things very seriously ;) We did this thorough investigation because we wanted to ensure that we got a good feel for all of our options and that we could fully experience the platforms from both the customer and administrator perspectives.

During this process, we went through numerous detailed trials, interviewed other businesses that were using the particular software’s and had a broad cross section of willing “guinea pigs” test them out. I even had my parents (who are self-admittedly far from tech savvy) create trial accounts and go through the registration process in each system. Thanks Mom and Dad. Time and time again, Amilia was the preferred software. In fact, it totally crushed the competition.

In the end, it was a no brainer for us: We had to choose Amilia. Here’s why:



Intuitive navigation

Our most important consideration was that our new software needed to create an exceptional user experience for everyone who interacted with it. We are trying to live up to this high standard in every aspect of our business and we needed our online registration software provider to be aligned with this.

This meant that the registration process had to be intuitive from start to finish. We needed our customers and our administrative team to feel at ease throughout the process with no frustrating question marks along the way.

In our trials with staff, family and friends, the Amilia experience left no one staring blankly at the screen while wondering where to click next. No one was pounding at their keyboard and screaming expletives at the screen. I DID ENTER MY PHONE NUMBER AND POSTAL CODE GOSH DARN IT!!! We’ve all been there…

The Amilia process was simple, quick and intuitive from the initial browsing of activities, to creating an account to completing a financial transaction. Just the way everyone deserves it to be. You shouldn’t need a degree in rocket science to register someone in an activity and with Amilia, you don’t!


The Look

Another consideration we had was “The Look”. We wanted something that was modern and visually appealing. No more clunky and click heavy interfaces with ancient graphics and archaic fonts!

Amilia’s look is supremely professional and aligns with our brand. The design is sleek and customizable which we love. This factor was important to us because we put a lot of time and effort into our branding and we needed a product that would complement that. We didn’t want our customers to feel like they were being transported to 1998 when they transitioned away from our website to register for one of our classes. Amilia has “the look” which includes modern fonts, understandable language and an organized interface, all of which make it easy to find what you are looking for in as few clicks as possible.


Justifying cost

When it comes to business, saving money is always nice, but it shouldn’t always be the top priority. We are not a discount brand and we understand that we are not the right fit for those who are looking for the absolute lowest price. We are, however, the perfect fit for those who are looking for an organization that strives for excellence. We have perks and frills like a large and comfortable viewing lounge complete with leather couches and wifi. We have a coffee station, filtered water and new and well-maintained equipment. We religiously clean our facility and our coaches are some of the most hands on and engaging in the industry. These things all come at a premium, and they also create a better overall customer experience.

We know that the first place many potential customers interact with us in on the internet. They Google us, look through pictures on our Facebook page and read through countless reviews. They listen to friends who have experienced our programs first hand and more often than not, they don’t actually step foot in our space until the day they come to our facility for their first class. This means that if they have a negative online registration experience, they may doubt our ability to deliver the exceptional experience in the gym that we promise. At the end of the day, we are willing to pay a premium price for a product that ensures our customers have a high quality online registration experience.


Willingness to listen and take action

When we were considering our options, we needed a waitlist function and it was a deal breaker. Our sessions fill up fast and we needed a place to capture the next in line. When we were investigating Amilia, the system did not have the waitlist feature, but Will, our sales rep, promised us that it was in the pipeline and it would be rolled out in time for our first round of registration. Amilia delivered on this promise and it instilled a sense of trust – if we have a need, we know that Amilia is going to take it seriously and make it a priority. In the more than 2 years that we have been using the software, they have continued to listen to our needs and deliver.


Hello?? Is anyone out there??

Overall, we have been incredibly pleased with our decision to choose Amilia and we truly feel we have aligned with the best product on the market. We are reminded of this each time our public registration opens and a new crop of clients experience Amilia for the very first time…

On these evenings, our phone rarely rings. As a business owner, it’s actually a little eerie. Doesn’t anyone want to do gymnastics with us?? How are we going to pay the rent? After taking a deep breath and preparing myself for the worse, I log in to my Amilia account and go to the Finance tab where I can check the statistics. Turns out, our numbers are rolling in. Exhale. Amilia is so user friendly that we have very few issues to solve these days. To me, this confirms that our decision was the right one. We now consider silent phones on registration night a really good thing and we have Amilia to thank for this.

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Kyle Shewfelt is a three-time Olympian and out first Brand Ambassador. Kyle is the embodiment of our values with his passion for his sport, close ties to his community, and just like us, he’s not afraid to push the envelope and bring forward new ideas.





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