SaaS: What it is and Why You Should Be Using One

Posted on 6/1/14 7:00 AM by Ashley Wood

Many people are accustomed to viewing software like a college textbook: once you buy it, it's yours forever in its current form, and if you want the next edition then you'll have to start the purchase process over again. The software as a service (SaaS) model aims to make software more like a subscription, where you always have the latest version without having it cost a dime more.

Discover what a SaaS is and why you should be using one:

Software as a Service

Just like your Netflix or Spotify account, investing in a SaaS has benefits that you won't find in a software product that is a one-time purchase. A SaaS purchase will yield a license that doesn't expire when a new iteration of the platform comes out, software that will help you scale your operation more efficiently, upgrades are delivered frequently and, perhaps most important given the current climate of the internet, everything will be optimized for mobile.

Read about the most important benefits offered by a SaaS below.

Perpetual License

If your cheer club revolves around managing activities, classes or events, then you're likely familiar with the frustrations involved with the traditional "Perpetual License" model of software delivery. It can be a monumental struggle simply to get all of your staff on the same page with the same version of a perpetual license software. Then, even a slight change in your requirements or an upgrade to the program can throw your operations off again.

The problems posed by perpetual license software, combined with the new possibilities that come with SaaS solutions, are making SaaS an increasingly popular choice for cheer clubs and other sports organizations. You'll no longer have to worry about workflows being interrupted by circumstances that are out of your control. It's far less tedious to integrate a service-based software platform into your site, taking the guesswork and the potential for multiple re-installations of a software out of the equation. You can read more about the flexibility of SaaS licensing elsewhere on our blog.


Scaling Your Operations

Most gyms and clubs point to scalability as the most noticeable benefit they get from investing in a SaaS. With perpetual licensing software, adding a new user can be a complicated and expensive process; gyms frequently have to pay for license users who won't be a part of their team for very long. There's also the issue of time wasted on being in this constant state of adding or subtracting users as personnel continue to shift.

Among many other benefits that come with a cloud-based solution, the SaaS model eliminates this roadblock by allowing an organization to subscribe to the solution for exactly the number of users they have. That way, should your organization be growing at a good clip, the total user count can be easily adjusted by your club's administration with just a few clicks. Additionally, because the software is hosted on a centralized server rather than on your organization's individual machines, those numbers can be updated almost instantly, which makes scaling your business more efficient and less time-consuming.



Upgrades and Maintenance

The centrally-located hosting of SaaS solutions also solves upgrade and maintenance problems posed by perpetual license software. SaaS delivery allows all of the instances of your software to be upgraded or maintained at the same time, without any involvement on your part.

This makes it far easier to ensure that all your staff members have the most current version of your software. Even better, new capabilities are integrated into your software without the hassle of investing in a whole new program. At the end of the day, a SaaS purchase ensures that you'll always be at least on part with the competition, if not miles ahead of those who are still bogged down by perpetual license software options.


Mobile Access

As more and more people conduct business and make purchases almost exclusively on their mobile devices, cross-platform flexibility is becoming an even more important feature for any business management software solution. Basically, if your website cannot adapt seamlessly to a smartphone or tablet browser, then you're losing out on a large percentage of your customers and prospects who rarely even open their desktops computers anymore.

Simply put, your software needs to run well not only on your staff's individual computers but also on any device your clients choose to access the internet from. SaaS solutions are designed to operate on the devices you and your customers prefer to use, making your operations simpler to manage while also distinguishing your organization as a marketplace entity that boasts a convenient, easy-to-use customer interface.


For many, the benefits of SaaS solutions are changing the way that cheer gyms do business, but that's not exactly true. Gyms have always needed to manage a changing number of users, keep their staff on the same page, and connect with clients on the most convenient platforms possible. The SaaS delivery model is a software solutions that finally meets those needs in today's complex digital ecosystem, giving clients and administrators features they need, when they need them.


SaaS is only one aspect of a management platform you should consider when looking for the right solution for your club. Download our free guide now to evaluate your needs and your organization's requirements for a solution.


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