Website Integrations by Amilia: Take Your Online Registration to the Next Level

Posted on 1/15/18 2:17 PM by Kristen Goecke

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As the 2017 Black Friday numbers roll in, there's one thing that’s clear — more and more shoppers are going online and avoiding long lines. According to Adobe Analytics Data, the newest — not so shocking statistic is that mobile set a new black Friday record with 55% of all visits (45% smartphones, 10% tablets) and accounted for 36% of sales. In addition, Adobe states that “Retailers that have invested in mobile, email and social have seen 30% more sales on average.” 

We’ve heard it before — brick and mortar stores are suffering, online is thriving but what does this have to do with an activity based or sports and leisure organization like yours? When your target market clearly prefers to shop online (55% Black Friday sales were online), odds are they prefer to avoid lines period — whether that’s at Best Buy or your club. Oh, and PS, if you offer activities to kids, your target market (parents) are arguably the most likely to NEED online registration tools (which includes forms). Between career, family, school, extracurricular activities, and generally hectic schedules, parents are stretched thin as it is. If the only way to register for your organization is in person, there is an excellent chance they might just find another organization that makes registration day as easy as possible.

You know most of this already. That’s why you have a website, why you care about being found online and local SEO, and why you care about inspiring trust online. Maybe you already have an online registration system or are even an Amilia client and want to make your online registration process even better. So how do you create a killer online registration experience that doesn’t lose any of the human touch or premium experience that sets your brand apart from the rest? The answer is website integrations and Amilia has 3 tools that makes this an easy, seamless experience for your clients.



Embed Your Online Store Website With an Iframe

Your online registration process should be in line with and reflect your branding. In other words, it should have the same look and feel as your organization’s website: colors, images, customized to reflect your organization. Take that to the next level and embed your online store website directly into your website so your clients can browse for activities, add to cart, purchase, and even pay without ever leaving your site. 

This is exactly what you get when you embed your Amilia store into your website with an iframe. Simply customize your Amilia store to reflect your branding, choose which store page you would like to appear first (Register, Memberships, Merchandise), copy the automatically generated HTML code and paste it anywhere on your website that accepts HTML. Your Amilia store will appear on your website in the location you have chosen.

 Iframe example-1.png

Display Activities on Your Website With the Amilia API

With the Amilia API you get a bit more control and freedom with how your activities are displayed on your website. Our API allows you to fetch most of the public facing information on your Amilia store and display it on your website. 

You can:

  • List the available programs 
  • List programs by id
  • List activities in a program
  • Display a single activity by id
  • List tags that have been defined by your organization
  • List of activities with a given tag 


API table example.png


Amilia’s WordPress Plugin

Did you know that 25% of sites across the web are powered by WordPress? Amilia clients love their WordPress websites and about 39% of our clients use WordPress. With so many of our clients using WordPress, we saw an opportunity to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate your Amilia online store website directly into your website by creating a WordPress Plugin.

With our WordPress plugin, you can:

  • Embed your Amilia Store inside your website - just like with the iframe above but using the plugin to simplify the process.
  • Insert tables of activities - just like with the API above but using the plugin to simplify the process. 
  • Insert a simple button for online registration that take the end user to your Amilia store.

To integrate your Amilia store into your WordPress simply install and activate the Amilia Store plugin. For more information visit the Amilia Store plugin page at wordpress.

Improved User Experience

Here at Amilia, we are big proponents of excellent user experience which is why we have built these various tools for you to integrate your Amilia online store website into your own website. It should be as easy as possible for your clients to register online for your activities. Make sure it’s absolutely clear how they can register for your organization — whether that’s a huge button with blinking lights or seamless store integration into your website (obviously we recommend the latter😉).