Visa Debit Card- New Payment Method Option

Posted on Aug 17, 2015 2:50:00 PM by Ashley Wood

Several factors can influence your clients in their buying process online: the platform’s security, their shopping experience, promotions and payment options available to them.

A transaction is complete when the buyer completes the banking information section and pays his bill. By offering multiple payment options, you increase your chances of selling your products and activities.

Discover the new payment options available on Amilia! iStock_000045267300_Large

Your customers can now use Visa debit cards to make purchases on Amilia. This new payment option is perfect for Web transactions. It allows your customers to shop safely and pay for their purchases directly from their bank account. Thus, customers who do not own a credit card or prefer not to use one have another online payment option.


Payment by Visa credit card in addition to other options already offered on the platform: electronic checks (sampling in the bank account), credit cards and offline payment (cash and check). To learn more about these options, check out this article.