Use Technology to Improve Jobs, Not to Replace them

Posted on Apr 7, 2015 3:55:00 PM by William Owens

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Digitizing your registration process means your employees can do more not less!

When I was a kid, my mother refused to buy a dishwasher. When asked why, she would respond: “I have three dishwashers”—meaning my siblings and me—“and they do the job just fine!” While she was right, we did the dishes just fine, coordinating whose turn it was to do the dishes often led to record-long shouting matches between the three of us. Today, my mother sheepishly admits that we should’ve bought a dishwasher because the time we spent fighting over the dishes could’ve been used to spend more quality time together.

Similarly, bosses often fear that introducing a new technology in the workplace will cause massive layoffs. For example, tight-knit organizations commonly object to digitizing their registration process because they fear a new online registration system will replace jobs and put amazing people out of work. The truth is, even the best online registration can’t replace the care, experience, and creativity of a dedicated employee.

An online registration system can…

  • Eliminate confusing spreadsheets or class lists

  • Simplify your accounts receivables, and

  • Streamline many aspects of your business.

An online registration system can’t…

  • Reach out to prospective clients through creative marketing campaigns 

  • Get to know your clients better by picking up the phone, creating a survey, or writing an email

  • Manage your clients’ needs and wants on a daily basis.

Having people complete tasks that technology can is costly and inefficient. Without an online registration system to handle your peak registration periods, payment scheduling, and financial reporting, you end up stretching your staff’s limits, paying overtime, or hiring extra people. What’s more, your employees waste time crunching numbers instead of leveraging their creativity, caring, and experience to improve your organization.

By letting technology focuses on the data side, your employees have more time to focus on all other aspects of your organization. Reducing these repetitive tasks means happier, fresher, and more motivated employees. These employees produce better work, more ideas, and greater service leading to happier customers and finally, to bigger business growth.

Our technology creates rather than replaces jobs by alleviating the most mundane tasks so your people can focus on growing your business. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Community outreach: build your brand and build relationships with potential clients

  • Online overhaul: improve your website, set up social media channels, and start interacting directly with clients and prospective clients

  • Spring cleaning: create online and offline surveys to find out what your clients really think and improve your programs accordingly

  • Upkeep: phone or email clients to see how they are doing.

  • Have fun: brainstorm ways to improve the mood and quality of office life

  • Look ahead: Stay up-to-date with the best practices of your industry and implement improvements

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