Is Your Online Registration Process Giving Your Brand a Bad Name?

Posted on 3/2/17 4:44 PM by Megan Guerin

There are several myths surrounding online registration, but this much is true: business owners pour their heart and souls into their operation and face the challenge of differentiating themselves from the competition. In order to do so, they need to establish a reputable and reliable brand that reflect their business’ core values.

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How Technology Is Helping Soccer Clubs Grow

Posted on 2/3/17 10:44 AM by Kim Fortin

Before joining the Amilia team, soccer took a very important place in my life (and still does). I started off as a player, then became a referee, a coach, a trained manager and finally an organizer of sporting events. This sport has been at the center of my daily routine for more than 15 years. Discover how Amilia would of simplify my work when I was involved in the soccer world.

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4 Ways Your Business Can Win Using Local SEO

Posted on 8/22/16 2:24 PM by Kristen Goecke

How do people find any local business online?

The first place most people look for any kind of activity and class, myself included, is through a Google search. Oftentimes, search results aren't kind to local vendors because most small activity-based businesses aren't using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to their advantage. The good news is, you don’t need to spend a ton of money and time to give yourself a competitive edge in this regard.

Find out how to use local SEO to make your business a winner:

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4 Easy Ways Your Organization Can Increase Revenue

Posted on 6/10/16 10:03 AM by Kristen Goecke

It’s no secret that activity-based organizations, like sports clubs and schools, have some of the most loyal customers on the planet. Due to the intimate nature of that relationship, your business strategies should be optimized to cultivate a kind of loyalty that creates larger communities around your organization. That said, there are some specific practices that you should be using regularly to reinforce these local-first ideals.

Find out the best ways to increase your organization's revenue in the digital world:

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3 Reasons Why Your Camp Should Continue to Ban Mobile Devices

Posted on 3/26/16 3:28 PM by Marisa Samek

Many sleep-away camps pride themselves in offering an “unplugged” experience to their campers. The benefits of spending just one week to an entire summer without technology’s constant chatter seems obvious but, no matter how many times camps reiterate the “no mobile devices” rule, kids still arrive at drop-off with phones, tablets, and laptops tucked away in their duffel bags.

Discover 3 reasons why your camp should continue to ban mobile devices:

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The Biggest Concerns Your Camp's Newsletter Doesn't Address

Posted on 2/25/16 1:14 PM by Marisa Samek

Camper-parent communication. Now there's a hot topic. Each camp has its own policies when it comes to camper-parent communication: some camps oblige their campers to write home and encourage parents to keep in touch while others mandate just the opposite. But what about camp-to-parent? There's a topic with a lot less interest but, for the sake of your camp's success, a lot more importance. 

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3 Simple Tricks to Improve Your Business' SEO Ranking

Posted on 1/19/16 1:50 PM by Kim Fortin

In 2016, there are a ton of businesses offering athletic, cultural and artistic activities. When the time comes for parents and potential clients to choose an activity, they turn to the internet, and more specifically, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Here are some tips to put your business at the top of the search results.

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Use Google My Business to Increase SEO Engagement

Posted on 8/25/15 3:40 PM by Alexandre Gauthier


Google My Business


Google My Business is the Google platform that enables small businesses to create a profile to help people find them online.

If you can only do one thing to help the growth of your business today, it should be this! 

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8 Fixes to Increase After School Program Enrollment

Posted on 8/20/15 11:11 AM by Ashley Wood

With back to school coming up, many parents are looking for extracurricular activities to entertain their children outside of school hours. Take advantage of this time of year to increase your enrollment by trying the following:

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5 Ways to Improve your Business' Facebook Page

Posted on 4/30/15 4:31 PM by Marisa Samek

Facebook can be a powerful and cost effective way to promote your business. According to a recent study, consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. This means that if you haven’t revamped your website in over 15 years—in internet time, your site is a cyber cave drawing—Facebook is an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to communicate to your target market why they should choose you.

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