Top 5 Reasons You SHOULDN’T Buy Amilia’s Software

Posted on 8/2/18 12:00 PM by Matt Fish

Every year, lots of businesses and tech companies spend thousands or even millions of dollars trying to convince you to buy their software solution. However, not many are going to tell you why you should stay away - but we are. If it's not going to be a good fit, it's better to know right from the start.

Read about the Top 5 reasons you shouldn’t buy Amilia’s software:

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Most tech-based brands are focused on positioning themselves as the “best.” They concentrate on specific features that they offer and how your organization will benefit from using them, translating into an attempt to stand out in increasingly crowded marketplaces. We know – we do it too.

That said, while we’ve helped many small businesses, community staples and not-for-profits grow their engagement and revenue in ways they previously didn’t think were possible, there are also organizations out there who aren’t a good fit for us. We’re not mad about it either; in fact, if it's not going to work out, we'd rather let those decision-makers know up front.

Why be vocal about that so early on in the process? We want to help you and your management team make the best possible decision for your organization and, sometimes, that means letting people know when the fit isn’t good.

Trying to force a square peg into a round hole is never a good idea, especially when the scenario is a long-term business investment. We're not about wasting anyone's time, energy or financial resources.

With all that in mind, here are the 5 biggest reasons you shouldn’t be buying Amilia’s online software solution:


You Want to Control WHEN Your Software Evolves

Amilia's software is updated daily (that's right - every single day) and frequent maintenance is performed by our team to ensure that we meet the latest in business and e-commerce standards. To put that into context, many popular services that are used by tens of millions of people, such as Spotify and Netflix, operate in much the same way.

Why do we bring this up? Some business owners and organization managers are hesitant to adopt a digital solution that is constantly evolving, even if we believe it’s for the better. They'd prefer something static which, in their minds, is more of a known commodity.

If you don’t want increased functionality, fewer software bugs and prefer to wait until you’re literally forced to update your platform because the version you’re using is so outdated it’s no longer widely supported online, Amilia will not a good fit for you.

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You Want Our Software to Have Everything

We’ll admit it right now: There are features that our competitors offer and we don’t. In some cases, those differences are what tip the scales in favor of other vendors and we get that. As a software provider, we're focused on honing our current features so that they reach their full potential, instead of building an impenetrable ecosystem of digital tools that don't actually function all that well.

It’s like when you go to a restaurant and you open the menu and you see it’s 40 to 50 dishes long. We don't want to serve up that kind of experience - instead of average quality and lots of variety, we’d rather be the restaurant with the smaller menu. Sure, there's less choice, but you’ll walk away from every meal knowing it was excellent.

In short, we strive to be our best selves, both as a software solution and as a company. Our huge team of developers are always listening to feedback and looking to improve on our existing modules, crafting small incremental changes so they can best meet specific client needs.


You’re Not Open to Adapting Your Business Practices

The blueprint for successful business practices in a digital world are constantly changing, especially when it comes to evolving software to help different organizations get the most productivity out of their days.

Really basic-seeming software that many people take for granted, like Microsoft Word, looks and feels a lot different than it did, say, 10 years ago. The core principles are the same but the functionality has grown by leaps and bounds. Despite this, the majority of organizations have adapted over time.

Some haven’t.

If your business falls into the latter category, Amilia won’t be a good fit long-term. Continuing to do things the same way, even though revenue and engagement numbers indicate that your brand is falling behind, you'll be at odds with our vision, which boils down to always being ahead of the curve technologically and not merely trying to stay afloat.

 For more on this concept, I now direct your attention to the timeless wisdom of "My Little Pony:"


You Run Your Day-To-Day Through an Admin

Software that centers around automating tedious or time-consuming administrative tasks will be useless to an organization that insists, for better or for worse, to run most of, if not all, their day-to-day through an administrator.

At that point, what’s really the point of implementing a SaaS-based solution anyways? You’ll be sidestepping most of the important functionality that our platform offers in order to have someone sign off on it manually. It will only make your Amilia implementation a long, arduous task.

As for leaving a lot of your processes in the pen-and-paper age, we’ve been down that road before on our blog and, to quickly summarize, your clients don’t want that. Neither do your admins. If you think you still do though, we definitely won't be a good fit.


Your Business Doesn’t Have a Reliable Internet Connection

Remote and rural areas aside, Amilia’s software is entirely online (meaning it doesn’t need to be installed onto one or multiple devices as a desktop or mobile app to work). As such, it’s literally impossible to use our software the way it’s intended without a reliable internet hookup.

Realistically speaking, your business will be at a huge disadvantage overall if your online access is intermittent, unreliable or, worse still, nonexistent. From building your brand through marketing to converting leads into clients and beyond, companies that don’t make their online presences a priority will have a much more difficult time attracting new customers, keeping existing ones and surviving in a world where internet-based commerce has become the norm.

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There you have it – a collection of reasons that you shouldn’t invest in Amilia’s software. We’re not simply a tech company that’s after your almighty dollar; instead, we wanted to share some insight into our product that was real and hopefully helpful to you and any other decision-makers inside your organization.

For the most part, this list indirectly answers questions we get all the time, whether that’s through chat, email and phone conversations with our Sales or Customer Care teams, or in-person discussions we have with prospective clients at big events. Knowing what software works best for your business or association often takes at least some trial and error but, if we can expedite that process at least a little bit, we’re more than happy to help.


That said, if your business doesn’t fit any of the above criteria, we believe that Amilia’s rich feature set and easy-to-use interface will not only help your organization optimize its day-to-day but also grow your revenue streams and strengthen your business model long-term. Discover more about our software solution by kickstarting your free trial today!

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