Why Customer Relationship Management Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Posted on 11/23/16 2:53 PM by Alysson Smith

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We’ve all had those weeks when 24 hours in a day just isn’t enough time to get everything done. We want our businesses to succeed without sacrificing time spent with family or pursuing hobbies that we love. Basically, we all want to accomplish the impossible. That being said, managing a company doesn't have to be a stressful proposition.

Customer Relationship Management for Entrepreneurs

Before starting at Amilia, I was managing a small start up company of about 10 employees that had about 500 yearly clients. So from personal experience, I can say with absolute certainty that managing a business using emails, excel sheets and basic reporting will inevitably cause you to pull your hair out.

In this blog, I'm proposing a solution. In short, here are 5 reasons why a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Online Registration can make your life easier.

Having all your client information in one place

Since we weren’t using a CRM database at the start up, we ended up having client information all over the place. Basic data like customer preferences or family characteristics was done over email or phone. The financial information of the client account was also logged into an excel sheet. I was constantly searching on different platforms to find what I needed. However, when you have all that information together in one system, then the possibilities are endless.

With a systemized database that is easy to navigate, you can decide for example to give your three time returning clients a birthday promotion and have all the information just a few clicks away.  Small changes that can make a really big difference between you and your competitors.

Having an easy tracking system for account balances

Without having a CRM, I decided the best way to tackle the task was to have an excel sheet to keep track of client purchases and account balances. I can tell you that the task became extremely daunting and very hard to track. If I had the help of a CRM system, I would have been able to easily pull account balances and even email those with an outstanding balance to remind them of payment due dates. Another important aspect of using a CRM versus excel or hard copy client management, is that there is much less room for human error.

Having a client purchase history only a click away

Another great CRM feature is that you can keep track of all client purchases. This feature would have helped me track what inventory was the most popular; which helps dictate client trends. It also could have strengthened my relationships with the clients.

If you can go into a client file at the click of a button and be able to know their purchasing history, the names of her family members or any other relevant information then you have a much greater chance of building a strong relationship. I’ve always enjoyed getting to know my clients as much as possible but unfortunately my brain can only retain so much information. Therefore, having somewhere convenient to keep all the information is priceless.


Automatization is essentiel nowadays

I am all the happier if I can cut out a monotonous task and increase my efficiency somewhere else. Client accounts in a CRM database can be made by either the organization or by clients completing a purchase. So imagine how much time is saved when a client creates their own account and it’s automatically updated to your CRM database. Another important aspect about this is that you can be confident that you have the most accurate information and if the client changes something in their file, it will also be modified within CRM.

Your clients can save you time.

The online registration aspect of Amilia allows clients to access their own accounts where they can view past invoices, manage their classes and purchases. I can attest that when I was working in the start up, clients would often get in touch to say they lost their receipt and needed another copy for tax purposes. In this circumstance, I had to dig through our hard copies or old emails to try and find the right paperwork. Let me assure you it wasn’t very efficient. So, I love that this feature not only makes your life easier but it also makes your clients life easier.


There is no reason not to streamline the things that are possible; especially when it can save us time, and allow us the opportunity to concentrate our efforts on other aspects of our business. I can honestly say that if the start up used a CRM software and Online Registration, it would have made my life easier and it would have improved client experience and thus improved the business as a whole.


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