Spring CDT and Amilia: Partnering to Make Cheer Clubs Smarter

Posted on 9/7/18 11:21 AM by Kim Fortin

Spring CDT and Amilia are pleased to announce their joint effort to support the cheerleading community in their shift towards digital solutions. These two innovative organizations are confident that this new partnership will allow the cheer community to accelerate their growth and better their service offerings.

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More Doing, Less Managing

Cheer gyms from all around the world are looking for new, affordable tools to attract and retain their clients while also eliminating the stress of their day-to-day operations. “We’re thrilled to partner with Spring CDT and combine our industry-leading platform with their consulting expertise to help cheer gyms take control of their administrative tasks and unleash their potential through e-commerce,” said Francois Gaouette, CEO, Amilia. 


Embracing New Technologies to Better Serve the Cheer Community

This strategic partnership will help cheer gyms focus on what really matters: providing the best service possible for their athletes and families. According to Lisa Aucoin, Spring CDT owner: “Our partnership with Amilia has helped organize our database, track revenue, centralize client communications and connect all areas of our business”. Ms. Aucoin is thrilled with the professionalism, experience, and direction Spring CDT has received from Amilia’s staff. Amilia has made a significant investment in the spirit industry and we look forward to building our relationship with them. 


About Spring CDT

Spring Tumbling is an international instructional cheerleading company that teaches cheerleading worldwide. They are results-oriented and committed to working with athletes of all ages and abilities. Spring CDT's team is passionate about promoting cheerleading around the world and their talented roster of experienced instructors. 



Amilia’s software solution has helped many cheer gyms grow significantly in recent months and establish themselves as forces in their respective communities. Find out more about how we can help your club today by clicking below!

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