Small Tips That Make a Big Difference in Your Registration Process

Posted on 1/3/18 4:01 PM by Betty Esperanza

It's no secret that customer service is a key factor in the success of any organization. In addition to creating loyal clients, it also plays a big role in acquiring new ones. Using Amilia is an integral part of your customer's experience so we have compiled some tips that we would like to share with you in this article to better help your customers.


Registration links on your website

When your customers want to register for your activities for the first time online, they want it to be quick and easy! They rely on your step-by-step instructions and pertinent information. It's possible that the registration links shown on your website redirect customers to the wrong URL, such as, the Amilia personal account login page or even a 404 error page. This can become very frustrating and many clients simply get lost because they can't find your activities.

Our recommendation is simple! We invite you to check your website URLs and your documentation links and if necessary, replace them with the link to your Amilia StoreThis way, your customers will find themselves on the right page with a more intuitive and user-friendly registration process.

Here is the article from our great support team to give you a boost on how to link your Amilia store to your website!


The User Help Center

Do your customers ask you questions about how to navigate the Amilia platform or how to access or change information for their personal accounts? To improve their experience, we decided to set up our new User Help Center this summer to guide them.  

Why this initiative? 

To save time for you and your customers, of course! Consider this center as an additional support tool for your clients for everything related to Amilia. We invite you to promote this help center in your communications with your customers when you send your pre-registration email. Do not hesitate to put the link directly on your website! This section is accessible when your customers are on the Amilia login page or when they are logged in to Amilia. If you have any ideas for new articles that could help guide your customers, share them here!


Effective Communication

More often than not, clients are confused by an overload of information on the website or in emails and the stress of using a new platform can be daunting. To help your clients focus on your messaging, use visuals, graphics, images or step-by-step instructions.

Here are 5 tips to consider when communicating with your clients who are using the Amilia and especially for those using it for the first time:

  1. Keep it short and sweet.
    Yes, less is more. Instructions such as: Follow this link for more details on how to register has more impact than a full paragraph of instructions.If they need to refer to the instructions, they will follow the link. In your newsletter, try using icons and images to make it interesting. 

  2. Use a link for detailed instructions
    Make sure you verify your link before sending your message. 

  3. Send your clients a pre-registration message 
    Introduce Amilia and how it will improve their online experience with you. Have them create their account ahead of time so they can familiarize themselves with the platform before registration.

  4. Make it easy for your client to get support right away.
    Nothing is more frustratimng than not knowing who,when or where to get help; Add this article to your communications so clients have a resource 24/7.

  5. Use your "important information" tab in your Amilia program.
    You can use this section to provide specific program information like promotional offers or required skills. It's front and ceneter when your clients choose a program so it's hard to miss!