Meet Kyle Shewfelt – Canadian Gymnastic Legend and Amilia Ambassador

Posted on 2/2/17 11:46 AM by Elizabeth Simoneau

This week, we're welcoming our first Amilia Ambassador: Kyle Shewfelt to our Montreal offices. This three-time Olympian will be here to talk about how he uses Amilia for his club, give some feedback on some new features and spend sometime with the people who work hard creating software so he can focus on growing and improving Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics.

Kyle, an Amilia Ambassador

Amilia is proud to announce our partnership with Olympian Kyle Shewfelt, our first Brand Ambassador. Kyle is the embodiment of our values with his passion for his sport, close ties to his community, and just like us, he’s not afraid to push the envelope and bring forward new ideas. Kyle Shewfelt Gymnastics has been using Amilia to manage its members and registrations since 2015. Over the years, he has become a valuable asset to our ongoing product development. At this point, Kyle knows our platform as well as we do.



A short biography

Kyle Shewfelt made a historic breakthrough at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens when he won gold on the floor exercise - Canada’s first ever Olympic medal in artistic gymnastics. Shewfelt nearly added a second medal on vault, but missed out on the bronze in a controversial judging decision.

While Shewfelt’s gymnastics was internationally renowned for its flow and elegance, he was as equally a determined competitor. After Shewfelt broke both of his legs on a bad landing during a training session at the 2007 World Championships, he underwent surgery and rehabilitation. Just 11 months later he was back on the Olympic stage, competing in Beijing 2008 and providing even more inspiration to young Canadian gymnasts.

Since retiring in 2009, Shewfelt has remained involved with the sport as a television commentator, most recently covering Rio 2016 with CBC, and a business owner. Shewfelt is an ambassador for Special Olympics and Right To Play and was inducted to Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame in 2010 and the Canadian Olympic Hall of Fame in 2014.

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Kyle will also be in Montreal in October 2017, for the 47th FIG Artistics Gymnastics World Championships. He'll join many other great Canadian athletes (Scott Morgan, Max Parrot, Émilie Haymans) as Ambassador for this competition. 


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Kyle retired from competition in 2009. One of his new goals was to open a gymnastic center in Calgary to initiate old and young to the sport he loves. His fundamental focus was recreational gymnastics as Kyle believes that while performance sport is glamourous, participation simply for the love of the sport has more impact on children. After opening his gym in 2013, Kyle started looking for an innovative software that would help him perform administrative tasks, and this is when we first got in touch with him. He finally chose Amilia because he believed that it was the most modern, user-friendly solution out there.

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