Our 2014 Wrap-up!

Posted on Dec 19, 2014 2:31:00 PM by Ashley Wood

2014 has been another great, and very busy year at Amilia. We’ve added some amazing new members to the team, released some cool new features and increased our reach in the US. We’ve also spent some time getting to know your businesses and hearing your feedback face to face at the conferences we’ve attended.



This year our online store feature came out of Beta. After considerable testing and feedback from current and potential clients, the Amilia online store has proven to be an effective and simple tool to increase your revenue and simplify the registration and purchase process for your clients. Along with the store, we released the iframe which allows you to embed your Amilia store directly into your website so your clients can register for classes and buy merchandise without having to leave your site.


We’re very proud to have released our fundraising feature this year. Social organizations are always in need of funds to support trips, competitions, new equipment and even community work. We’ve made it easy for organizations to collect donations online and even suggest a donation at checkout thus making the donation process fast and simple for their clients ad potential donors.


Our Clients

2014 was also a great year for Amilia clients! Amilia processed 395,353 purchases and registrations, our organizations generated $42,457,434.92 in revenue and since January, there have been 111,448 new participant accounts opened!


2014 has been an amazing year to Amilia and our clients.  We are more excited than ever for what’s to come in 2015 and look forward to working with all the great organizations that make up the Amilia community!​  We love feedback so please send any comments, questions or opinions to social@amilia.com.