One Simple Trick to Improve Your Social Media Post Engagement

Posted on 4/9/18 11:00 AM by Matt Fish

One of the most valuable marketing insights you need to adopt in today's internet-first world is how to boost your presence on various social media platforms. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or any other popular site, reaching a wide audience through one of those networks is key to increasing engagement with your brand.

Discover how to improve your social media engagement by using one simple trick:


Cutting Through the Social Media Clutter

According to a 2017 report from Statista, there are nearly 2.5 billion social media users worldwide, with Facebook reigning supreme as the most popular network overall. What’s more, Forbes says that, on average, people spend 50 minutes per day on Facebook, Instagram and Messenger combined – that’s over one whole day per month. With so much time spent by people reading and posting on many popular social networking sites, it’s imperative that you use these platforms consistently and effectively.

The trouble is, there are many community organizations out there who are getting little to no engagement with updates they post on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that their content isn’t interesting enough or that existing customers don’t care to read about the latest program, activity or registration updates. In reality, this is rarely the case; instead, there’s one directive you should be keeping in mind at all times if you want to see your social media engagement statistics trend in a positive direction: when in doubt, make it more visual.



Why You Need Content with Visuals on Social Media

That might sound like a generic statement but it’s a tried-and-true formula for brands who have seen an increase in likes, retweets, shares and views. As AfterOffers put it on their blog, content with visuals get 94% more views than posts which are strictly writing and links. With the majority of the human population identified by scientific researchers as visual learners, including photos, video clips or even GIF animations are a great way to spice things up and give social media users something that will attract their eye and, consequently, reel them in when it comes to brand engagement.

In fact, the visual upgrading of your social media content runs deeper than just slapping a picture or video embed in your blog post or tweet. Popular brands that are known the world over employ tactical colour use to enhance their company’s emotional connection with current and prospective clients. Check out this handy colour chart, previously published by AfterOffers on their blog, which demonstrates the concept below.

Brand Engagement Color Chart 

What a Difference a Visual Makes

Blogging continues to be a great SEO tool because of its frequent content updates and user engagement, but embedding or linking to visual elements will also increase your brand’s visibility on social media. Even if the content you’re sharing is a dense piece of text, adding a picture and other visual elements to the post can help you rake in more audience engagement without changing anything content-wise.

As an example, check out this tweet we shared from Amilia’s official Twitter account:

The picture, which is well-cropped and compelling, gives the reader an immediate sense of the content they’re about to click on. In addition to that, the emoji sprinkled throughout the text in the tweet itself lend an air of excitement and immediacy to the social media post that would’ve been lost otherwise. Both the image and those icons work together to create an update that social media users are more likely to engage with had the alternative been just a few sentences and a link. 

Don’t just take our social media account’s word for it though. Look at this group of tweets below, from a host of varied sources:

The first post, from PBS Parents, is celebrating National Library Week with a colorful, vibrant image to match their content. Though the picture doesn’t necessarily explain every last detail of the social media update nor the video content it links to, it’s a good example of a visual aid that enhances the tweet and attracts the attention of viewers.

The middle post is from TMZ and, regardless of what you think of their content, the gossip outlet does a great job of incorporating original video content into its social media timelines. The view count, which you can see at the bottom of the embedded video, speaks for itself.

A similar situation is found in the last example tweet from the NRPA. The video is working as a very dynamic call to action, with striking imagery of cityscapes blending in with footage of kids and their families enjoying the benefits of a healthy Parks and Recreation agency. The video creates a warm sense of community that wouldn’t have been conveyed as well without the visual element.



Overall, increasing social media engagement depends heavily on your ability to use photos, videos, animated GIFs and even emoji to give your posts an added visual flair. I’ve used Twitter as the platform that I drew my examples from, but the same principles apply to Facebook, LinkedIn and others social networks. It’s a stylistic choice that will not only lead to more eyes on your content in the long-term but also train users to associate feelings of currency, creativity and popularity with your brand.


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