Offer your Members the Shipping Method they Want

Posted on Aug 6, 2015 2:55:00 PM by Kim Fortin

Using Amilia, you can sell anything you want in your online store: shirts with you club logo, water bottles, sports equipment, stickers, you name it! Selling merchandise is a great way to increase your revenues while allowing your members to easily get the equipment they need and develop a closer relationship with your organization. And now, you can even offer your members two methods for shipping their merch: Pickup or Delivery.


What is it?

This feature allows you to choose the shipping method that you would like to offer your members. As an admin, you can decide whether you want your members to pickup their goods from you, deliver the goods to your members (subject to transportation costs), or offer both options and let your members choose the shipping method they prefer.


Here’s what your members see:

As your members proceed to the checkout page, below the Shipping Method tab they see their shipping options along with their respective costs. If the member chooses the Delivery option, they will need to enter the address at which they would like to receive the goods. Your members can even enter a different address than the one already on file if, for example, delivering the goods to their work would be easier than delivering them to their home.



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