5 Easy Promotions You Need to be Offering Your Members

Posted on 5/27/15 11:47 AM by Ashley Wood

Everyone parent loves a good promotion on their child's favourite gymnastics class, dance session, or summer camp. That's why Amilia now allows you to offer these 5 great promotions to your members.  

Along with the new promotions, we also have "Warnings" to ensure that no promotion or combination of promotions can exceed the percentage of the registration fee that you've specified. 



Like all new Amilia features and updates, the new promotions module is only available on the new interface (the store).


Here are some of the promotions available:


Promotional code promotional_code

This promotion allows you to offer your clients a discount when they enter a predetermined code. With this promotion, the same code can be entered by all clients. “Promotional code” works well if you’re offering the promotion to a large number of clients.



coupon_codesCoupon Code

Offer individual clients a discount by issuing them a unique code. Each code is unique and can only be associated with a single client. The discount applies to eligible purchases once the code has been validated.


External Coupon external_coupon

This new promotion allows you to accept discount codes from another system. This means you can sell your activities on third party sites like Groupon and Tuango while allowing your customers to register on Amilia. Each generated code is unique and no payment is due upon registration with Amilia since the client has already made their payment with the third party.

External coupons are a great marketing tool increase your business’ visibility and participation to your classes and activities.



Early_Bird_CampEarly Bird Registration

You can give a discount to customers who enroll in a given period of time. This incentive encourages participants to register your business quickly, leaving you more time to settle your administrative details (training groups, personnel recruitment, equipment reservation, etc.) "


Membership Required Membership_required

This promotion allows you to offer discounts on eligible activities when a customer has purchased a specified membership. For example, “Gold members receive a 10% discount on Fall registrations”. "Membership required" is a great way to get your existing customers to purchase memberships for you as well.

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