New features to start spring on a good note

Posted on Mar 27, 2017 2:02:59 PM by Elizabeth Simoneau

Spring is (finally) here and that makes us happy! The days are longer, we are gaining a few degrees each week and the snowmageddon is now a thing of the past. Despite all this excitement, we’re still working hard to make your life easier. Here are three new features that your organization can use as of today.nouvelle.fonctionnalité.amilia.png

1. Membership cards

Does your organization offer membership cards? It is now possible to create them using your Amilia user account. You’ll be able to include the participant’s photo, your organization’s logo and an access code connected to the customer. This makes it easier for you to identify each member who participates in your activities. You’ll have the choice of scanning the card or entering the code associated with it (if you don’t have a scanner). What happens if your participant forgets his card? No problem, all cards are registered in your Amilia account. In case of loss, it is easy to find and reprint them.

The membership card will simplify your access management and simplify the process for your clients. For more information: click here.

membership cards.png


2. Print your clients’ files one at the time

You can now print each customer files one at a time. Recently, we begun receiving this request from our customers, and felt it would be a great functionality! This functionality was necessary for organizations that keep medical information of each participant on printed sheets. If a child has to leave in an emergency, the rescue services can leave with all the important information. You can choose the information that shows on the file according to the activity; An excursion, a competition, a training camp ... The relevant information will follow you everywhere!

This will be a very practical feature for orgs that bring their teams to competition. Coaches can leave with a binder containing each competitor’s card (with photo). In case of delay, or injury, the person in charge will have easy access to the necessary information.

Here is the link for more details: click here.


3. Partial payments for your customers

Your customers now have more options to pay their outstanding balance online. They can now pay the amount that suits them, using the payment method of their choice (credit card or e-check). If one of your participants can not pay the full balance at once, he or she will no longer have to get in touch with your organization, they can now make a partial payment online.

Here is the document that explains how enable this feature: click here. Do not forget to inform your customers.

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