Meet Tobin, One of Our Developers

Posted on 5/29/15 11:15 AM by Ashley Wood


Amilia has plenty of features to help you run your school, club, or association and we’re always developing more. Whatever you need, we’re on it. Waiting lists? There you go. Skills? Sure thing. Promotions? Yes! And here’s one of the guys who makes that possible: Tobin. Get to know him here.


Explain your job at Amilia 


I'm a web developer focusing primarily on building new modules (e.g. External Memberships) and re-building/improving old ones (e.g. Promotions and Clients) in the new Amilia framework. I specialize more on the user-interface side of things rather than behind-the-scenes data stuff, though working at Amilia has given me the chance to do both.


What was your last search on Google?

Bicycle bells. I recently got my first real bike since I was a kid and have become kind of obsessed with it. I ride it every chance I get, and springtime in Montreal is perfect for that. I already know that I'll miss it in the winter... but let's not think about winter quite yet.


What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

A simple black grid pattern. I prefer sleek, minimalist, unobtrusive designs to anything loud and busy, which I hope our clients appreciate!


What one thing drives you absolutely crazy?

Traffic. My blood boils sitting in traffic. Which is strange because I don't drive. I don't even have a license. But whether it's on the bus, in a cab, as a passenger in a friend's car... you do *not* want to be stuck with me in traffic. Be warned.


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

RuPaul's Drag Race. I never miss an episode. I'm now finding myself using the lingo in my everyday life, where I'm serving client-side JavaScript developer realness.


You enter an eating contest.  What food?

Kraft Dinner. With peas. And mayonnaise. Don't judge. I could easily eat a bucketful and ask for seconds.


What word are you guilty of using too often?

"Soon". In web development, saying something will be done "soon" is rarely a commitment you can keep! Unexpected obstacles come up all the time. Plus, my idea of "soon" might not be your idea of "soon".


What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia?

The camaraderie. The dev team works together very closely. We all know the others' strengths and help each other out all the time. Solo coding can get so lonely and monotonous, but here at Amilia we're constantly working in groups and learning from each other. The Amilia app is definitely the result of a strong team effort.


What's your favorite Amilia feature?

Right now, the new Promotions module. We've been working really hard to give our clients an elegant, easy-to-use, yet powerful system to create and manage their promotions. Even I am blown away by some of the new features, such as the ability to combine different conditions in a single promotion. Just wait and see!


Pick one: Bacon or Nutella

Uh.... neither. I'm a vegetarian and don't have much of a sweet tooth (gasp!). My guilty pleasure food is cheese. I'll take a hunk of stinky cheese any day over something sugary. The stinkier, the better.