Meet Samantha, our customer success specialist

Posted on 3/24/16 4:00 PM by Ashley Wood

As you may have read in one of our posts, building software can be complex. While we do our best to make Amilia user friendly and free of bugs, sh...things happen. This is where our customer success team comes in! They're here to answer your questions, both technical and practical so you can get the most out of Amilia.  Our customer success team is growing and Samantha is one of our newest additions. We asked her 10 questions so you can get to know her better!

Explain your job at Amilia 

My job consists of helping our clients better understand Amilia’s uses and how to tailor it to their needs. It’s important for me to make sure we are there every step of the way to ensure the beneficial experience of Amilia which in turn helps everyone grow their business! Samantha1.png

What was your last search on Google?

I searched ‘’What does TRAC OFF mean in a Toyota?’’. When I got into the car this morning, TRAC OFF was on the dashboard and I had no idea what it meant. Thank goodness it’s nothing too serious as I’ve just recently spent a hefty amount making the car roadworthy.

You enter an eating contest. What food?

If I want to win, it needs to be some kind of food that has chocolate. I have an amazing ability to consume candy in gluttonous quantities, with little to no consequences. We’ll see if this stays true 10 years from now.

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I don’t usually watch TV however I was recently introduced to ‘Game of Thrones’ and man, that’s a good show. Before that, my guilty pleasure was ‘America’s Next Top Model.’ My boyfriend reminded me it was cancer every time I put it on.

What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

I don’t yet have a favorite feature per say, but something that became clear to me right away about Amilia is that even though everyone is using the same templates to create their account, there is so much personalization that no two accounts look the same. Amilia has an impressive array of functions and purposes which means it can be used by almost anyone.

Pick one: Bacon or Nutella?

I love bacon. I hate Nutella, which is funny for someone who loves sweets & chocolate. When I was 10 years old I ate Nutella and became sick shortly afterwards (I had dreamed of a jar of Nutella on a revolving stand, with a female voice repeating ‘Nutella….Nutella….Nutella’. When I woke up I could barely stand and was very dizzy. I had to go to the hospital for dehydration). Not sure if the two were related but I haven’t taken any chances with Nutella since and there are no regrets.  

What word are you guilty of using too often?

‘Thingy’. I’ll ask someone to get that thingy for me, or can they do that thingy for me, or do they know that thingy i’m talking about?…most of the time they don’t.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia? 

My favorite thing at this point is the work environment and the team. You can be yourself without fear of being judged. We are all professionals but we are encouraged to let loose & enjoy ourselves while we’re at work. It’s very special and I feel blessed to be representing Amilia.

What’s your favorite app?

Google Maps, because it’s the only app I use. I’m 31 years old and I JUST got my first real smartphone and I’ll never have another landline again.

Pick one: Kittens or puppies?

Kittens. I love cats. I love everything about them. Puppies are cute too but they tend to have more of an odor.