Meet our VP of Marketing Alex!

Posted on 4/14/15 1:43 PM by Ashley Wood

Several teams at Amilia work on ensuring a delightful customer experience, improving what we offer, and growing the Amilia community. As our VP Marketing, Alex leads and coordinates these teams. He oversees everything from designing user-friendly platforms, identifying new features, reaching out to new clients, and keeping existing ones close. Here are ten more things you probably didn’t know about him.

Explain your job at Amilia

As VP of Marketing, I oversee the marketing, sales and customer experience teams.

My real job is to empower the amazing people in those teams to be the best that they can be, to feel challenged and to have clarity and transparency in their mission. Ultimately I want to see them grow as individuals and in their roles at Amilia.



What’s the last thing you searched for on Google?

I was doing research for an upcoming trip to Costa Rica and the Lonely Planet guide was describing the “lackadaisical” charm of a city I was planning to visit. I didn’t know what that meant so I Googled it (using Siri… that still counts right?)


“[lak-uh-dey-zi-kuh l]


  1. Without interest, vigor or determination; listless; lethargic: a lackadaisical attempt

  2. Lazy; indolent:

a lackadaisical fellow


What’s one word you’re guilty of using too often? 


 In fact, I’m really a “the glass is half-full” kind of guy and I do use “fantastic”, “awesome”, “amazing” and so on and so forth. I even came up with the expression “more awesomer” for when things really are…


Pick one: Kittens or puppies?

Neither: I choose Penny.

I used to really dislike pugs, but our office pug Penny Lane has really grown on me. I am often seen in the office carrying her around like a football.


Pick one: Bacon or Nutella?

Bacon. Definitely bacon…unless there’s strawberries with the Nutella.


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Can’t believe I will admit this but: So You think You can Dance!

I’ve been doing martial arts for decades and it’s so much like dancing. In ju jitsu, a lot of the routines we do involve spinning our partner and then breaking his arm. Dancing is just the same – minus the breaking the arm part. I love spinning my partners during Salsa, Merengue and Tango! 

SYTYCD appeals to my artistic nature.


What’s your favorite app?

Siri! I Siri the heck out of everything. Siri makes it safe for me to text will driving or walking, I launch apps and fire my favourite music. Love that App. I loved the idea of the OS in the movie “Her” – up till the OS love story. But I can’t blame it… Scarlett Johansonn’s voice haunts me.


Best part about your job at Amilia:

The Amilia team and our company culture!

Growing Amilia is an incredible ride. It’s exciting and keeps us on our toes. We’re always looking for ways to reach out to new people and the response is phenomenal! But none of that is possible without the amazing people I work with.


Favorite Amilia feature:

I really like the communications dashboard. You can see all the e-mails you sent, who opened them and who sent them to spam. It’s great for finding out which clients haven’t gotten the information so you can call them or remind them in person!


Why should organizations use Amilia?

Growing revenue! I fully understand a that social organization’s mission goes way beyond profit but growing revenue means empowering the organization to realize that mission. To achieve that, resources are the key. Amilia’s team is very passionate about helping others fulfill their own mission. It’s passion fueling passion!