Meet Our Customer Experience Specialist Marie-lune!

Posted on 6/26/15 11:57 AM by Ashley Wood

Meet our newest team member, Marie-Lune. Are you picking up on her Clark Kent vibe? Wherever there is a lost Amilia password, you will find her. Wherever there is confusion setting up the new promotions module, she’ll be there. Wherever any frustration regarding Amilia arises, you will find…Marie-Lune, our Customer Experience Specialist!


Explain your job at Amilia

My title is Customer Experience Specialist. I do technical support but it’s really about making sure the users make the most of their Amilia account. I work on making things easy for them so they can provide the best service for their members.  Capture-125

What was your last search on Google?

"Minecraft costume". My son wants to wear one at Comic Con..He’s really into Minecraft!

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

Ok it’s cheesy. It’s a picture of my adorable boyfriend sticking out his tongue with Buddy, a dog that we know. We really love puppies!

What one thing drives you absolutely crazy?

People who don’t know how to live in society and be respectful.. I can’t stand it. It’s so easy to be a decent human so i have a hard time understanding some people!

You enter an eating contest.  What food?

Chips. The potatoes from Hell.

What word are you guilty of using too often?

I often use "Hey boboy". It says a lot, in few words. I also make way too many simpson's a problem!

What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia? 

I think it's the teamwork. The sense of being part of an adventure thats bigger than us. Everyone gets their hands dirty and it's in a relaxed and hilarious environment. Since day 1, I feel like my contribution to the team matters and that's paramount. 

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

Steven Universe! It’s a super cool cartoon about girls with super powers and sweet little boy with some powers too. It’s about being a good person and friendship and love and magic and staying young at heart. I also like Freaks and Geeks, That 70’s Show and the old Transformers cartoons.

What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

I like the  Store. It’s easy for clients to register. They can make all their purchase in the same place, just like on Amazon. The organizations now have a bunch of new promotions  that they can apply so everybody’s happy!

Pick one: Bacon or Nutella

Why not both ? You can’t make me choose !