Meet our CEO François

Posted on 9/18/15 9:35 AM by Ashley Wood

Meet our CEO François, whose energy and vision drives our Marketing & Sales, Administration & HR, and Support & Development teams. François leads this tight-knit group and inspires their dedication to helping community-driven organizations grow. Our platform takes care of the grunt work such as registration, client relationship management, accounting, and fundraising (to name a few) so you can focus on offering your members the best service possible. Get to know the man behind the vision in this interview: 


Explain your job at Amilia 


I am the chef d'orchestre. I make sure that everyone has the right resources, is doing what they are good at, and that we are all in sync, moving forward. Essentially, I develop the vision and I try to align all the people at Amilia towards that vision. People are important at Amilia. I make sure that the right people are involved in the company so if they don’t fit, I find ones that do. It’s my job to keep the right people in the boat.


What was your last search on Google?

Bandon Dunes in Oregon right by the ocean, it’s where I went to play golf a couple weeks ago. It's beautiful. 


What one thing drives you absolutely crazy?

When people lie. I am a really bad liar so when people lie to me it drives me pretty crazy.


You enter an eating contest. What food?

I really like the McCain vanilla cake—which actually tastes like bananasbut I could eat a lot of that.


What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

A picture of the golf course from Bandon Dunes!


What word are you guilty of using too often?

I’m not sure about one word that I use too often, but one word that I rarely use is the word “never”. I don’t believe in “it’s never going to happen”. 


What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia? 

It’s not a job, it’s an adventure. We’re trying to create an amazing product, trying to find ways to sell it, and making clients happy in the process. I also have responsibility over a team that is making a living while having fun and contributing to something meaningful. That’s what I like.


What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I’m a fan of a series, when I get into one, I kind of get addicted to it. Right now, I am addicting to Narco on Netflix but I was really hooked on The Sorpranos and, before that, on Breaking Bad.


What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

The store because we enable community-driven organizations to sell more stuff by giving their users an e-commerce experience similar to what they are used to when buying online. Developing the store was really difficult. There’s a huge difference between our business and other e-commerce platforms. For example, when you buy a book on Amazon, Amazon doesn’t care who you are and whether or not you actually read the book. The business we work with though, they care. When parents are registering their kids for activities, those organizations care about who the kids are, what allergies they have, all sorts of things. You need to attach a person to the service or product that is being bought. That’s much more complex.


Pick one: Bacon or Nutella

I’m a bacon guy. Nutella on bacon might be good too.