Meet Kristen, one of our marketing managers

Posted on 4/19/16 3:48 PM by Ashley Wood

If you've ever opened one of our e-mails or read any of our e-books, chances are you've read something Kristen's created. When she's not helping you learn how to better your business (or watching TV), she's managing any and all things e-mail at Amilia. We asked Kristen 10 questions so you could get to know her better!

Explain your job at Amilia:

I am a marketing manager but I specialize in email marketing. I do a lot of email writing, sending and managing of lists and reputation. In addition, I write a lot of content to send in these emails and to educate our clients and potential clients: E-books, blog posts and more email. Untitled_design.png

What was your last search on Google?

I’ve been working on an e-book so I’ve been searching for icons and visual examples of words like “training” “cloud computing” “reputation.” Some of the results have been surprising.

You enter an eating contest. What food?

Tacos or beans and rice with hot sauce. I could eat tacos and beans and rice every single day if my stomach would let me.  Sadly it will not.  I have tried.

What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I really like TV.  I was on maternity leave last year and got caught up on EVERYTHING. I don’t have as   much time these days to indulge so I’ve had to be more selective.  That-being-said, my taste in TV is not highbrow by any means. I like supernatural and superhero stuff best and am currently in love with Sleepy Hollow and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I’m also looking forward to Game of Thrones and Penny Dreadful, Jessica Jones – soon soon soon.

What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

Right now I’m loving the New Client Portal. Not only am I an employee of Amilia, I’m also an end user.  A couple of organizations my kids participate in use Amilia.  I’m super excited about the new calendar feature and am hopeful as my kids get older the activities and organizations my family participates in use Amilia so I can keep everything centralized and organized.

Pick one: Bacon or Nutella?

Neither – I like cheese. Cheese all day and all night. I could give almost anything up other than Cheese – specifically cheddar cheese.

What word are you guilty of using too often?

Ridiculous and probably Awesome. I had no idea I used ridiculous as much as I do until my oldest started telling me I was ridiculous. Sad thing was she was using the word correctly and she was only 2 and a half at the time.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia? 

The people. I was on maternity leave for 50 weeks and when I came back I was all kinds of stressed out – for no reason. Everyone was so supportive and great that the transition was incredible.  I also love the product. It’s pretty amazing to work for an organization whose product is constantly evolving for the better. When people ask me who I work for I’m really proud to tell them and explain what we do.

What’s your favorite app?

Probably Instagram. I’ve all but completely abandoned Facebook and maybe log in once a month but I frequently post pictures of my kids on Instagram. I love the filters and being able to see their evolution on my phone anytime. I also kinda love this ridiculous game called Doge2048.  It’s so stupid but everyone I’ve showed it to won’t give me back my phone.

Pick one: Kittens or puppies?

I’ve always been a cat person. They are cute, easier than dogs, and have a lot of attitude. I respect the fact that if I died and they had no food they’d sooner eat me than lie down next to me and die.