Meet Kim, Our Marketing Coordinator

Posted on 5/8/15 2:50 PM by Ashley Wood

We are constantly looking for new organizations who are in need of online registration software. We also want to keep our existing clients in the loop about changes and improvement to the software. This requires thoughtful communication and the use of various promotional tools. This is where Kim comes in.

We asked her 10 questions so you could get to know her better:


What is your job at Amilia?


As a marketing coordinator, my job is to develop communication tools to make us visible to organizations. The marketing team supports the sales and business development department by creating marketing campaigns, planning events and trainings, writing content, sending emails and coordinating public relations.



What was your last search on Google?

Lately i’ve been doing a lot of research to find furniture since I’m moving in july



What word are you guilty of using too often?

“Perfect!” Instead of simply responding with an “Okay”, I always opt for “perfect!”. I think it reflects my optimistic and positive personality.



Pick one : kittens or puppies?

I like the independent nature of cats. On the other hand, I love taking long walks (which is impossible with cats) so I choose dogs. I love Penny Lane, our office pug (she’s the one in my picture)!



Pick one: Bacon or Nutella

Bacon, no question! I associate bacon with all the brunches I have with friends.



What is your TV guilty pleasure?

I love Scandal! I have a degree in public relations, and that world fascinates me (I also love Olivia Pope’s wardrobe)!



What’s your favourite App?

Songza! I don’t have music on my Iphone and this app allows me to access a ton of playlists for my runs or my commutes. 



What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia?  

The teamwork. I’m working with people who are passionate about their work and our jobs are all interconnected. This works out perfectly because the  success of one department depends on the success of another.. The atmosphere in the office is always friendly and engaging. 



What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

I love the new Activity module! It’s so intuitive and user friendly. It’ll be available May 12th and I’m really excited for our clients to see it. It has a new feature that lets organizations build wait lists for all their classes and activities. 



Why should organizations use Amilia?

The easier the buying/registration process is, the more likely people are to make a purchase. A lot of organizations have limited opening hours, long lines at registration and archaic forms and payment methods. All these factors are likely to discourage potential clients from registering or buying from you. Amilia enables you to give your clients a great online registration experience so they can save a lot of time and frustration.