Meet Josée, our Product Specialist

Posted on 7/31/15 10:43 AM by Ashley

As our Product Specialist, Josée makes sure all our new features and platform improvements are ready for you to use. She’s kind of like Amilia Pest Control: she finds all our technical bugs, brings in the Development Team to remove them, and leaves you with a no-hassle, bug-free Amilia experience.

1. Explain your job at Amilia Josee_circle_mask

As the product specialist, I test all the platform’s improvements and new features. I also collaborate with the development team and together we try to make the platform as intuitive as possible for administrators and end-users.

2. What was your last search on Google?

I did some research for a trip to New York that I am planning to take in the Fall.

3. What one thing drives you absolutely crazy?

Having done a lot of customer service and always completing the job considering how I would like to be served, I become extremely impatient when I need customer service and the person on the other end does not meet my expectation of how service should be handled. All that’s required is a minimum of patience and courtesy, and if I don’t receive this minimum, I become very, very irritated.  

4. You enter an eating contest.  What food?

French fries. It’s the food I would have no problem eating every day but also a food I avoid because of its many calories.

5. What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?

It’s a picture of my little dog. I have a Chihuahua named Lily who weighs 4 pounds.

6. What word are you guilty of using too often?

After asking my family, friends, and colleagues, it turns out I don’t have one!

7. What’s your favourite thing about working at Amilia? 

It’s innovative spirit and the way ideas are always come to life. Despite the complexity of coding, we have outstanding developers who are able to create just about everything we need for the platform. The team spirit here is also remarkable. As soon as we’re faced with a glitch, our team assembles like the Musketeers—it’s all for one and one for all—so that the problem is solved as soon as possible.

8. What is your TV guilty pleasure?

My son recently introduced me to the series Flash, so right now that’s my favourite. I’m excited for the new episodes to come out and I can’t help but watch them as soon as they do.

9. What’s your favourite Amilia feature?

I have several, but since I have to choose, I choose the Clients tab. I am currently working on improving that tab and it contains a ton of interesting new features. All our organizations will have access to these features this coming autumn!

10. Pick one: Bacon or Nutella

Bacon. Without hesitation. The reason is very simple: I don’t like Nutella.