Meet Clémence, our Customer Success Manager

Posted on 7/5/17 4:44 PM by Elizabeth Simoneau

Recently, Clémence joined the customer success team. She works with our many partners, helping them develop concrete strategies to support their growth. She is also communicating with customers and guiding them through the platform. Clémence is dynamic and has an answer for every question. And this time, she answered our questions.

Explain your job at Amilia

I am a Customer Success Manager here at Amilia. I make sure our customers use our platform effectively. I alsophoto.clemence.png accompany them in their evolution and growth and serve as their point of contact at all times. My goal is to make sure our customers are happy and point out features that will help them simplify their work.


If you were an animal, which one would you be and why?

I would say a royal eagle (yup, nothing less!) to be able to fly super fast, but especially enjoy the breathtaking views from above!


What is your favorite TV show of the moment?

If only there was only one! Currently, The Vikings leads the way thanks to its action, soundtrack, costumes, and historical anchoring. But the classic Grey's Anatomy is following closely. It remains one of my favorite series.


What app you use the most?

I could not live without Google Maps. Not really for the orientation and directions, but for the scheduling of public transportation, the expected time of different routes, the traffic... With all this information centralized, I am more organized and it allows me to avoid being late to work in the morning.


What’s your favorite thing about working at Amilia?

I love working with true and passionate people. There is a great team philosophy at Amilia! The work environment is also great, people like to come to work in the morning and that makes all the difference in my opinion!


What is your dream destination?

Traveling Mongolia by horseback is one of my dreams! Formerly a powerful empire, Mongolia is now experiencing a long transition since the fall of the Soviet bloc and despite this, it has kept its ancestral traditions thanks to its people who have remained partly nomadic.


Three words that define you:

Natural, generous, and patient


Nutella or peanut butter?

Nutella 100%! It is a must for my breakfasts and my favorite snack when I was a child (still is actually).


What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

I just love chocolate, no matter what its shape or texture ... and ice cream is no exception to the rule!


Do you enjoy the Montreal winters?

I find  Montreal winters to be  magical in December. It is a beautiful and exciting period with the end of year festivities and the good comforting dishes that go with it! We are also lucky to have access to many ski resorts without having to drive 6 hours! On the other hand, I will not lie ... when the temperature drops below -15, I look like Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie The Revenant: I'm in survival mode!