Meet Ben, one of our interns

Posted on 12/21/17 11:53 AM by Renaud Beaulieu-Labbe

One of our developers team has the chance to have an excellent intern: Ben. He helps the team to keep the platform performing. Get to know him better with those 10 questions we asked him.

Explain your job at Amilia 

Currently I am intern at Amilia. I hold the position of developer in the Tacos team, whose mission is to keep the platform Amilia healthy. My team and I are also working on several projects related to improving the tools of the application, to make it easier to use and to try to cover more and more the specific needs of Amilia users.

If you were an animal, which one would you be?

A wolf. I find that the strength of this animal does not necessarily come from himself, but rather from his entourage, so I feel that he represents me well, because the more my environment is pleasant the more I am productive.

Choose: cat or dog ?

Dog. They are more sociable and faithful.

What is the app you use the most?

Ben Circle.png

Google Maps. I use it often because I do not have a good
sense of direction.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Amilia?

What I like most about Amilia is the "cool" work environment. From my first day at Amilia, I felt a good atmosphere of relaxed work and without unnecessary stress. In addition, the team spirit is great.

What is your dream travel destination?


Three words that define you:

Persevering, attentive, open-minded.

Nutella or peanut butter?

I do not eat too many sweets, but I prefer Nutella.

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?


Do you enjoy the Montreal winters?

Yes, I enjoy winter like summer. I find that each season has its own taste and activities.