Amilia's Fully Flexible Scheduling is Next-Level Activity Planning

Posted on 10/24/17 9:21 AM by Kristen Goecke

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Whether your organization offers activities as sessions, drop-ins or any combination of the two, we understand that your scheduling needs are anything but basic. With that in mind, we’ve redesigned the activity scheduling workflow so you can build your schedule exactly how you want it. Different times, different locations, extra practices or staff requirements: Amilia is ready to take on all your activity planning needs with our newest enhancement: Fully Flexible Scheduling.

Scheduling That Bends Over Backwards for You

With our new scheduling workflow, you have total control over your schedule and can easily do the following:

  • Create multiple schedules within one session. If your session includes both a practice schedule and a competition schedule or even just single workshops, all your different activities can easily be included in one session. Schedules will be displayed in your store, on your clients’ invoices and on their calendar in their Amilia user account, keeping you clients informed at all times.
  • Total control over every occurrence within your schedules. You can skip and/or modify the date, time, facility and staff of each event in your organization's calendar. No more messy miscommunication if a schedule suddenly has to change: Amilia lets you easily manipulate your activities on the fly.
  • Link facilities and staff per occurrence. When setting up your schedule, you can select facilities and staff members in the same step, which helps keep everyone in the loop and making sure activity leaders know when and where they're expected to be. These can be modified per occurrence as well.
  • Avoid conflicts. Amilia alerts you to any scheduling conflicts with facilities, staff and major holidays and provides the tools to make modifications in view of any lack of availability. Less scheduling mishaps equal more time for your clients to participate in activities.

Fully Flexible Scheduling in Action

When we realized how stiff and inflexible some of our Amilia staff members are (physically that is), we decided a stretching class was in order. When it comes to improving flexibility, the frequency is more important than the length of each session. Therefore, we decided that three days per week for 12 weeks with one intensive workshop on a Saturday was in order. Also, because of meetings and other commitments, a Friday class had to be earlier in the day than on Mondays and Wednesdays.

All of these different scheduling nuances were handled with ease Amilia’s Fully Flexible Scheduling. We simply selected our classes on Monday and Wednesday from 2:00 to 2:30 PM in the Amilia Lounge, with Naomi and Michael.

FFS_Monday_Wednesday EN.png


Then we added a Friday session earlier in the day with a different instructor, Eli.




Amilia immediately alerted us to a potential conflict, showing us that the Amilia Lounge is double-booked on December 11th with another class.



From there, we could modify this occurrence and change the location, or modify the conflicting Head and Handstand occurrence using the "Activity Edit" tab. Since the Amilia Lounge is big enough for two classes to run simultaneously, we elected to leave the conflict as-is.

To add the extra Saturday workshop to the Amilia Stretch Class Schedule, we added another schedule and created our one time only workshop on Saturday, November 25th.



Amilia alerts you to any conflicts with holidays, facilities or staff. As a potential solution, you can easily skip or modify the date, time, facility and staff requirements of each individual occurrence in your schedule.




Everything is clearly displayed in the Amilia online store and on invoices, allowing your clients to know exactly what they are signing up for.




For those who register, they will clearly see the schedule on their calendar in their Amilia User Account. No excuses for not showing up!



 Get started scheduling now with our knowledge center document.

There you have it! With Amilia’s new Fully Flexible Scheduling, you can create your schedule exactly the way you want it with the tools you need to avoid conflicts and keep your clients in the in the know.


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