Why Load Time is Important to Your Organization

Posted on 2/19/15 3:02 PM by Pierre-Luc Maheu

A system that does what you need it to is great, but what good is it if you need to wait each time you load a page?

Performance can be measured in a lot of ways. The most important and noticeable performance indicator for users of an e-commerce software like Amilia is, without a doubt, the page load time. This metric shows us how much time it takes before you actually see the page contents show up on your screen.

The benefit of having a fast response time is twofold. Organization administrators spend a significant amount of time on the platform, meaning they spend a lot of time browsing web pages of the site.Those couple seconds saved at each page viewed can amount to quite an bit of time by the end of week. This is time administrators can spend focusing on other areas of their business. The other benefit is that participants and members of Amilia organizations have little to no wait time when browsing activities, memberships and merchandise in the online store. A 2007 study from Amazon shows that, for each increase of 100 miliseconds in response time, sales decreased by 1%. Taking an increase of 2 seconds as an example, that would mean a decrease in sales by 20%. To make sure this doesn't happen, we ensure that the pages of your store and the app are working the way they're supposed to so your clients can register, purchase and donate in a couple minutes.

To improve the load time of these pages, our first step is to collect and analyze performance data on each page so we know which pages are fast and which ones need improvement. Fot this, we use a popular tool called NewRelic APM. This tool enables us to monitor, among other things, the response time of every page of our software.

You may have noticed, page load time has decreased significantly on several pages over the course of the last twelve months. For example, the reports are generated significantly faster. NewRelic APM played a critical role in those improvements, enabling us to easily spot the slower pages and giving us the necessary details to improve them.

Another cool New Relic features is that it enables us to compare ourselves with other e-commerce sites. The graphic below shows our ranking among simialr sites. As you can see, we rank in the 98th percentile for average site response time. This is the direct result of our monitoring and improvement of the site's speed over the last year.