How to Increase Enrollment at Your Cheer Club this Season

Posted on Jul 26, 2017 10:22:29 AM by Ashley Wood

If you run a cheer club, then you know that enrollment determines a lot of things about your business. Your families are the pillars of your organization, so keeping enrollment numbers up is essential. There are so many activities for kids and teenagers that you’re not only competing against other cheer clubs - you’re competing against swim clubs, gymnastics clubs, and even Netflix. We've come up with 5 tips to help you increase enrollment in your recreation, competitive and camp programs next session.

Here are 5 enrollment strategies to try this session


freinds and family day- enrollment strategyHave A Friends/Family Day

A couple of times a year, set aside a day when your athletes can bring their friends or family to a class, practice, or event. You can then offer them a free class or other giveaways to get them interested in your business.

Why this enrollment strategy works:

Inviting the friends and families of your athletes lets them experience what your club has to offer in a non-committal environment surrounded by your best marketing tool: your clients. Parents will almost certainly mingle and discuss your club and why they like it so much. Family/Friend days also put potential athletes at ease since they’ve got a familiar face with them while they try out a class or activity.




Update Your Websiteupdate website-enrollment strategy.jpg

Your business needs a site that lends credibility and gives basic information about the services you offer. Make sure you’re consistent with updating pictures, content, program offerings, and events. 

Why this enrollment strategy works:

If someone hears about your business and is genuinely interested, chances are they are going to go online first to look for more information. You want a potential client’s online experience to be as helpful, pleasant and informative as their in-person experience would be. Your website is often your one shot to show potential families that your Gym is safe, reliable, and well organized. A site that is well maintained and consistently updated will show up better in search engines than a site that’s been stagnant - which means future cheerleaders will be able to find you a whole lot easier. For more information on how to be found online, check out our post 4 Ways You Can Win at SEO (locally)



referral-enrollment strategy.jpgStart a referral program

According to Texas Tech University, 83% of consumers are willing to make a referral after a positive experience—yet only 29% actually do. This is one of the cheapest ways to get exposure for your business. Consider offering incentives to your existing members. For example, give them gift cards or membership discounts for getting a friend to sign up. Don’t limit your referral program to in-person referrals. Make it easy for you families to share news, promotions, and photos online by adding share buttons and posting on social media.

Why this enrollment strategy works:

Did you know that people are 4 times more likely to buy when referred by a friend? A referral program will do the same for you. Your clients are the best marketing tools you have because they’ve already established a level of trust and credibility with the potential client- that’s better than any ad or promotion you could offer.




Attend Community Functionsnetworking-enrollment strategy.jpeg

Go to events within the community to just shake hands and meet people. Not everyone there will directly join your club, but they will probably talk to someone who is interested within their circle of acquaintances. By showing up and greeting people you are spreading the word and building a respectable brand for yourself. You may even want to consider offering to host the next community event at your facility.

Why this enrollment strategy works:

Putting in some face-time increases exposure and helps build up a name for your club in the community which provides a steadier stream of clients long-term. As you attend these events, you’ll become more recognized which in turn makes you more likely to come to mind when someone is looking for an activity for their child or teenager.



Birthday Party-enrollment strategy.jpgBirthday Parties

Hosting Birthday at your gym is not only a great way to create a new revenue stream but also a great way to market your cheer club. You can choose to offer them to your current clients and families, or to your whole community.

Why this enrollment strategy works

By default, the party attendees will be similar in age, interests, and location to the birthday girl/boy. This means that you have up to 20 potential clients coming in. Parents will be dropping their children off at the party so they have a chance to see your facilities and programs in a non-committal setting.


These methods will help increase exposure and build up a name for your club in the community that will provide a steadier stream of clients long-term.  Don't forget to keep current clients happy!


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