How to Customize your Amilia Online Store

Posted on 7/7/16 9:45 AM by Samantha Postlewaite

Your Amilia store is an extension of your business. For that reason we've offered you several ways to personalize your online Store as well as your customer’s access points.

You are able to personalize your Store’s colors, background image and Tabs via STORE tab-Customize.

Customizing your tabs

By default, Amilia will display your Store tabs like this:



You can change the Title and order of your Tabs via this menu:



Position: Determine which ‘Tab’ you want displayed first to last

Title: Change the Title of the Type tab. For example, you may want to edit the ‘Merchandise’ to  ‘ Pro shop’.

Type: These are the default tabs in Amilia.

Visible: If a tab isn't useful for your business, you can remove its visibility so it no longer appears in your Store.


Colors & Background

You can change the Colors and Background image of your Store:



Color: Select any color from the palette. This will determine the Color of your Tabs as well as the Header block. There is a simulation image to demonstrate what it will look like.

Background Color: Select any color from the palette. This will change the white background currently set as white by default.

Background Image: Select a file saved onto your computer. This image will be displayed on the background which is currently set as white by default. If your image does not fill the entire background, you can still select a Background color which will still be visible.



When a member selects an activity, you can determine whether or not you want the spot availability of your activity to show. Please note this feature will only work if you have configured a maximum number of participants to an activity.  If you don’t want this information shown, you can select ‘NEVER SHOW’. If your activity is full, your member won’t be able to add the activity to their shopping cart.



Here is an example of what a ‘Spots available’ setting can look like.  There are 4 available spots left in this activity.  If you were to choose ‘Never Show’, then the ‘Available’ field will not appear.




Request for Support

You can also include a ‘Request for Support’ button in your Amilia Store. Support Requests will be forwarded to the email you specified in your ACCOUNT Tab-Main information under ‘Email’.


Your members can contact Amilia’s Support desk by clicking on "My Account"  buttons on the left hand side of their personal Amilia Account page: "Contact Support" and "Online Help Center" 




Access points

You can add buttons on your website to facilitate access to your store via the ACCOUNT tab >>Options. These buttons are cutomizable to ensure they fit in with the look and feel of your website. Simple copy the HTML code and on your website, right click & select ‘View Page Source’. Then, paste the code in the desired location. You have two options for buttons:

App Login:



This button will direct members to Amilia. From there, they can either Login or Sign up!   


Online Store:



This button will direct members to your online Store. 



You also have the possibility of putting your store directly on your website with the iFrame. This is achievable via STORE tab >> Store Embedding.

You can copy the production code and within your website, right click ‘View Page source’. This will populate the HTML code used to build your website. Paste the Iframe code in the desired location. Feel free to use the Test code to practice!

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