How Digital Citizen Cards Can Improve Life in Your City

Posted on 2/20/18 9:37 AM by Kim Fortin & Matt Fish

When it comes to any kind of physical card, many people’s wallets are filled to the brim with them: bank cards, membership cards, ID cards, you name it. Municipalities are no exception, typically asking you to present a physical card during the transaction process when you use one of their services.

This method of doing business is quite limited and often causes a lot of frustration in our digital age of dematerialization. Does it have to be this way? Not with the use of digital citizen cards. Ease of access, pain-free usage by different members of the same family and, above all else, less of an administrative burden on those who work for your city – this technology is a perfect fit for the smartphone generation.

Here are four reasons why your administration should consider introducing digital citizen cards:

Going Mobile

Whether it’s for swimming lessons, renting time at a sports facility or simply borrowing a book from your local library, a citizen card is normally mandatory when using these and other services. However, that doesn’t mean they’re easy to keep track of, often getting lost at the bottom of gym bags, in the centre consoles of cars or in the general fast-paced shuffle of everyday life.

The solution? Making them easily accessible on a citizen’s smartphone or mobile device. That way, a digital card guaranteed to travel everywhere with those who reside in your municipality and use your services, thereby practically eliminating the prospect of losing a citizen card and the frustration that comes along with it.

Making Renewals Automatic

There’s nothing more irritating than being unable to access the service you want or need because of an out-of-date citizen card. Be it an expired physical card or inaccurate information that is linked to your overall profile, the inability to register yourself or your children for an activity is an unfortunate side effect of citizen cards that don’t renew automatically.

It’s a problem that is easily remedied by using digital citizen cards. Your municipality can synch user data seamlessly, including setting up an automatic renewal process that uses a quick and easy online payment method. This streamlined approach will mean real-time updates to citizen profiles online and an effortless registration process for both service users and administrators.

Making Life East, No Matter the Family

When you’re just one person, the problems that arise due to a lost or expired physical citizen card can be incredibly exasperating; when you’re a family, the prospect of hitting roadblocks when trying to use a municipal service is magnified even more. For example, if your kid needs that one research book for a school project but can’t borrow it because of a misplaced or unusable card, there’s more than just one person left unsatisfied with the experience.

There’s also the issue of estranged or divorced parents whose families are left at a disadvantage in the current system. Separated parents may not want or be physically able to have to ask their former spouse for their child’s card every time it’s needed, resulting in a lot of lost time when members of that family could be partaking in the city’s services.

Using smartphone technology, digital citizen cards allow parents to always have the required information on hand when they need to register their children for a municipal activity or even use a service themselves, regardless of their family situation.

Take Care of the Environment

Even though it’s a well-known fact that plastic is harmful to the environment, the number of physical cards, municipal or otherwise, that are made of this material is staggering. However, your city doesn’t have to be one of the organizations who continue to negatively impact our planet in this way.

Using digital citizen cards would reduce your municipality’s overall carbon footprint and, because you’re making an environmentally conscious decision, will build more trust with citizens in the long-term. Additionally, this switch will greatly reduce the administrative burden on your city’s support staff when it comes to printing, organizing and distributing those physical cards.

Why continue to deal with frustration and alienation when it comes to physical citizen cards? They’re easily misplaced, can prevent users from accessing services they want to use at their convenience and, based on the materials used in their construction, are harmful to the environment. With digital citizen cards, you’ll not only be making a choice that will please your city’s residents, but you’ll also help make the lives of your administrators easier as well.

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