How Amilia Can Help Your Dance Studio Grow Enrollment and Revenue

Posted on 10/1/18 9:00 AM by Nathalie Parmentier

During my time working at Amilia, I’ve met with dance studios and schools across Canada and the United States who have successfully implemented software tools, such as online registration, into their day-to-day. Those who have made the move have seen a huge positive impact on their enrollment and revenue numbers.

Discover how Amilia’s software can help your dance studio grow:

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The year I started high school, I had to fill out a form to decide which arts-related class to take. There were four checkboxes to choose from: music, dance, drama, and visual arts. Having no discernable talent for any of these options at the time, I checked the box for dance. To my surprise (and delight), the art form grew on me from that very first class and dancing has been a major part of my life ever since.

Because of that, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of connecting with many like-minded individuals over the years who share a deep passion for dance. In some cases, that passion consumes them in the best way possible, paving the way for the pursuit of teaching dance or owning their own studio as a career goal.


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That said, managing a dance school or studio isn’t just about the teaching part. Administrative tasks like hiring teachers, holding auditions, entering competitions, selling costumes, running workshops, and scheduling performances are all part of what goes into running a local dance business.

Above and beyond all those commitments, they must ensure that clients are kept informed and the company books are balanced. Lots of moving parts, just like a complex choreography! If you’re looking for more insight into dance studio ownership and what you should know before taking the plunge, make sure you check out the Amilia blog.

For such a big undertaking, you’ll need all the help you can get from your software solution of choice. From allowing your clients to sign up for classes and activities online to letting participants or family members pay for all their fees in a few clicks or taps, here’s how Amilia can help take your dance school or studio to the next level:


Online Registration Made Easy

Regardless if you’re focusing on specific sessions, drop-ins or a combination of both, you can let your dancers pick classes or activities that work with their schedule. With Amilia’s intuitive interface, signing up for their desired dance option is a piece of cake (not really, but let’s be honest, cake metaphors are awesome).

I want to zero in on drop-ins for a minute since it’s a popular offering for many dance studios and our MultiPass lets you offer them either individually or in class bundles. You can also configure your bundles based on a specific number of classes, eligibility and date range. The best part: Our software automatically updates a participant’s pass and displays how many they have left in their user account.

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User Accounts as Unique as Your Dance Moves

Amilia’s User Account module really does bring the power to the people. As part of the online registration process, all your clients get their own user accounts, giving them online access to their full billing history with your organization, including invoices and receipts. They can also review any purchases they’ve made and use the built-in calendar to track their dance schedules.

User Account functionality in our software also de-stresses your admin staff’s day-to-day, allowing them to keep track of everyone’s data and makes any necessary changes, all in real time. Participants can even add their family members to their account, which avoids the hassle of your staff having to create extra accounts on a regular basis.


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Flexible Payment Plans for Everyone

Let’s be real: Organizations that aren’t accepting online payments from customers are going to find themselves at a disadvantage in the marketplace. That’s why Amilia makes the checkout process quick and simple for both your dancers and your staff members. Think Amazon’s cart-to-purchase system, but for your business. It’s a match made in dance studio heaven.

You can also offer flexible payment plans and keep track of all outgoing invoices and incoming payments through our software solution. Set post-dated payments in a client’s account and, when the time comes, transactions are processed automatically. You can also allow clients to pay in multiple installments that are specific to a given class or session.


Sell Your Dance Studio’s Apparel Online

Long-time dancers know that their studios or schools often require the purchasing of apparel or performance costumes. Rather than make that buying process a chaotic and confusing one for your participants, your business can simply make them available through an online store that is incredibly easy to set up in Amilia, complete with your brand’s logo and color palette.

You can even make the purchase of specific items in your online store a prerequisite for registration in certain classes, drop-ins or activities. For example, if someone is signing up for a ballet class, they’ll need to have the proper clothing and footwear to grow their skills. Ensure that all your members have what they need for your dance studio’s next season and take your customer experience to the next level!

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Customize Forms for Each Class

Your dance studio isn’t like all the others – your registration forms shouldn’t be either. With Amilia, it’s easy to collect contact information or learn a bit more about your clients’ favorite dance styles with flexible form fields designed to capture the specific data you need. Just starting out and need the basics in a form? We’ve got you covered too, with built-in templates to get you started.

We know that being a dancer isn’t just about filling in your name, email addresses, and date of birth either. Our software allows your dance studio to collect waiver forms, permission slips, and even photo ID through online forms, syncing all the information to your database in real time. You can then build attendance lists and other documents for your staff based on registration details you collect.

Amilia’s software is built to help your dance studio or school grow with your clientele and offer them the kind of convenience they deserve in an online interface. You and your staff members will also see their data-related workload reduced significantly, freeing up more time for them to focus on your true passion: the thrill and art of dance.


Don’t just take our word for it either – check out one of our dance success stories by downloading the Quebec Dance School case study now!

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