Setting Up Online Payment Options For A Non-Profit

Posted on 9/9/14 4:08 PM by Ashley Wood

A non-profit is by definition an organization that does not seek to turn a profit but rather to provide a service. As such, the concept of an online payment system being necessary for a non-profit may seem foreign to some individuals. What is important to remember though is that while a non-profit does not turn a profit, it still requires funds to operate. Those funds typically come in the form of donations made by outsiders, and thus the need for an online payment system. 


The Necessity Of Credit Card Acceptance 

When making purchases online, most people opt to use their credit cards. There are some who hold funds in payment services such as Paypal, but credit cards are still king. As explains, credit card acceptance can boost the rate at which non-profits receive donations, 

Many people hold some discretionary funds in an online payment system account so it's easy for them to buy or donate online, but credit card payments are still the norm. If your organization can accept online credit card payments, you maximize the number of people who are able to donate, pay membership dues and course registration fees, or make a purchase through your website.

Having A Trustworthy Service 

When setting up a payment processing service to use, it is always wise to use a name brand service. People will have already heard of it, and they will likely feel more comfortable using a service like this rather than one that they have never done any transactions with. You`ll want to make sure the service you use is compliant with all the rules and regulations in your state or province.

 Amilia makes online payment work for non-profits by providing you with an online store and a shopping experience to sell activities, memberships, merchandise and even collect donations that your clients are familiar with without leaving your website!

We understand that your business rules and purchasing requirements are very different from regular retailers and our software is specifically designed to cater to your needs.

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