Evaluate Software Vendors, Not Just Features

Posted on Jun 29, 2016 10:37:03 AM by Kristen Goecke

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Online registration software is a BIG investment for your business. We say this over and over again because it’s true. There are features to look at, user experience, cost, scalability - the list goes on and on.

Perhaps the most important element in your purchase can be difficult to quantify and often overlooked. This the software vendor itself.

So what do you look for in a software vendor?

feedback-form-excellent.jpgYou need a software vendor who is a true partner.

What does that mean? It means the software vendor’s definition of customer success is when you achieve your desired outcome through interactions with the vendor. They must be a willing and capable partner to your business' long-term success.  

Here are some key questions to ask when evaluating the reputation and service of a potential Online Registration software vendor:

  1. How long has the vendor been in business, and how many clients use the software? Is the company growing?

  2. What size businesses does the vendor serve? Are they similar in size to your business? Look for vendors that work with similar business types e.g. offerings, business model, vertical. They should also have clients similar in size to you and larger. This way you know they can handle your business as you grow?

  3. Can you speak with similar clients who use the software? Do they provide you with a list? Are these clients similar in size and business model?

  4. Does the company invest in the evolution of their product? What percentage of the staff is development? Support? What percentage of the vendor's budget goes toward product development?

  5. How much does the vendor value customer feedback? Are customer suggestions a large part of continuing development? Do they actively collect suggestions? Send surveys? Have customer committees that provide feedback? Do they allow clients to beta test new features and enhancements?

  6. What kind of support do they provide? Online support? Email? Chat? Phone support? What are their hours? Will support be available during your peak registration periods?

  7. Is there a 24x7 self-service support, knowledge center, training materials, or FAQs offered through the website?

  8. Will the technical support offered meet your specific needs? How does your staff like to learn? Are the tools they need readily available and easy to access? 

  9. How, when, and where is user training provided? Does it work for your team?

  10. What is the average response rate for technical support or tickets? What percentage of support requests or tickets are resolved? 

  11. What is the standard policy for providing software updates, upgrades, and enhancements? Is the product available during this time? How often do these occur? 

  12. Does the company stay up to date on all compliance issues? Is it PCI compliant?

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