How to Increase Revenue with E-commerce

Posted on Nov 22, 2013 1:43:00 PM by Kristen Goecke

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Social Organizations such as sporting clubs and schools have the most loyal customers on the planet.  I would buy anything from the organizations my family and I associate with:  t-shirts, equipment, even a flat screen TV or iPad if they offered it, for the sole purpose of supporting the organization and aiding in fundraising.

Francois Gaouette CEO Amilia Enterprises

Sporting clubs, associations, schools and activity centers, differ greatly and have their own unique sets of challenges but what they all have in common is their need for increasing revenues, fundraising, and reaching out to the 250 million people who shop online.   Operations for the Social Organization are much more complex than your traditional brick and mortar business.  They sell tangible and intangible products; activities, memberships, and classes that require much more information in the buying process and post purchase management.


So how does the Social Organization jump on the ecommerce bandwagon and increase revenue?

Get online

All Social Organizations should have an online presence; an informational website just isn’t enough anymore.  Online registration is expected by your users and it saves both the organization and the participant time and money.  No one wants to juggle a hectic schedule only to wait in long lines for limited registration. There are a few online registration products on the market that make registration and payment easy for your clients but why stop there? These days full ecommerce is the norm and should be expected with any platform. Amilia offers an online store so organizations can sell merchandise as well as online registration and payment, at no extra charge.

Offer Merchandise

Offering merchandise gives you a new revenue stream outside of tuition.  Every single one of your participants is going to require some sort of gear to participate in your activities.  Physical activities often require a dress code that allows the participants to move freely and ensure safety.  Why not have your participants buy these things from you?  Institute a dress code and have your participants wear a t-shirt with your branding.   Parents won’t have to worry about what to wear to class and people will see your branding when students are out and about before and after class.   The Amilia platform allows you make business rules with products, registration and membership so a product and/or membership in your store is mandatory for registration and participation.

Many organizations require or recommend equipment ranging from shoes, to gloves, to juggling balls, and art supplies for use in class and outside for practice.  Rather than referring people to your favorite sporting goods or supply store, why not offer it yourself?  Distributers are constantly looking for new retailers to offer and endorse their products.  Give your favorite brands a call or shoot them an email and find out about getting a small supply of their products to sell to your participants.  You can offer these products for purchase in your online store and your participants can pick them up when they attend class so you don’t have to worry about shipping and handling.

If your organization and participants compete, don’t forget to offer t-shirts and gear with your branding so parents and friends can show their support!

Think outside the box

With an online store, you can sell virtually anything.  Don’t limit yourself to clothing and gear.  Are there any books you recommend your participants read that will inspire them or improve their skills?  How about videos?  Include them in your store.

Every parent loves to have pictures of their child in action.  Why not partner with a local photographer and offer photo packages of the child, team, competition and/or final performance?

Include a special fundraising section in your store.  Solicit merchandise or service donations from local business and/or current clients and offer those items in your store.  This could be anything from electronics to spa packages.  You’ll be surprised at how willing your participants are to help you raise money, especially if they know what the proceeds are going toward.   The Amilia Store feature allows you create collections that house as many products as you wish to sell.  This feature makes it easy to create a fundraising collection of products with information on how the proceeds will be used.

Incorporating a new revenue stream into your business isn’t difficult with the right tools.

The goal of the the Amilia Store feature is to not only provide a familiar ecommerce experience but also to help organizations leverage their client base to increase revenue.  We want to provide them with the tools to grow their organization.

Francois Gaouette CEO Amilia Enterprises

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