Getting started with Amilia

Posted on Feb 6, 2013 10:35:00 AM by Andrea

Here at Amilia, every customer is our number one customer. To help you get started, our Support Team has taken the time to write a detailed Getting Started Guide which will guide you through the setup and management of your Amilia account.


The guide is comprised of five sections:

Section 1 - Set up your Organization

Brand your Amilia page with a logo and contact details, configure your account and build your team of managers and registration clerks.

Section 2 - Create a Program

Start building your Catalog by offering Programs based on seasons, events, or competitions.

Section 3 - Create an Activity

Establish a set of activities based on participant requirements - including age and gender, define pre-registration requisites and draft out your schedule.

Section 4 - Create Memberships

Amilia allows you to easily manage memberships - whether you are affiliated to a particular association or simply want to offer special advantages to members and VIPs.

Section 5 - Create a Promotion

The Promotions module allows you to create different promotions associated with your Activities and Programs. Promotions allow you to automatically offer discounts or add an additional fees, dependent on  a set of predefined rules.

If you are looking for more, we also have a full Knowledge Base ready for you, including tips, tricks, and detailed how-to documents!

For our bilingual users - all of our documents are also available in French.

Have any questions or comments? Drop us a line - we're happy to help.