Drive Participation with Online Registration Software

Posted on Oct 2, 2014 2:26:00 PM by Ashley Wood

One of the main ways people look for activities in their area is by using social media and the internet.  For instance, if you have a swim club and a potential customer sees your website and is interested in signing up for a class - what better way to gain that student than with online registration?


Gyms, fitness centers, educators - they have all seen the limitless possibilities for bringing in additional paying customers with online registration software.  And this has never been simpler to bring into your business with Amilia.  Amilia is a software that specializes in creating an online storefront so people can browse and see what activities, memberships and merchandise you have available.  And if a customer is interested in participating in a class you offer - Amilia gives you the opportunity to let them sign up from the convenience of their home.

Imagine the turnout at your next session or activity if you opened up your event to online registration!  Your business is able to collect the funds and allocate the space necessary to accommodate these new faces.  Online Registration is a terrific way to get people interested in what your business has to offer.  It's also fantastic at getting new customers to check you out.

Just because you close up shop for the day doesn't mean you have to turn away customers.  With Amilia, online registration for classes and events is as easy as it gets.  

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