Customize your Amilia buttons

Posted on Jan 13, 2014 4:19:00 PM by Ashley Wood

In addition to the new iFrame feature, you are now able to customize the buttons linking your site to the Amilia app! You can choose from a variety of colors and icons that mesh well with your website. You can also enter your own text in the button. For example, it could say "Register for a class" or "Become a member".



How to customize your buttons:

  • Go to Edit > Options > Link to Amilia. There are two types of buttons:
    • App Login - Redirects users directly to the APP
    • Catalog/Store - Sends users to your online Catalog/Store.
  • Click on View the HTML code.
  • Choose a color, language, and icon
  • Enter the text that will appear on the button
  • Copy the generated code to your website

Once you have installed the button, customers will be redirected to your Catalog or Store. You may create as many buttons as necessary.