Customer Success VS Customer Support: What’s the difference and why it matters when selecting online registration software.

Posted on Sep 7, 2016 4:25:57 PM by Kristen Goecke

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value.jpgThere is no shortage of things you need to consider and evaluate when selecting Online Registration Software. One factor that frequently gets overlooked is Customer Success.

First off Customer Success VS Customer Support: what’s the difference.

Customer Success is when you (the client) achieves the desired outcome through interactions with the software vendor. Customer Support is a tool or process employed as a means to achieve this goal along with onboarding/implementation, customer education and community.


The most common misconception is that Customer Support’s end goal is to make you happy.

 There is an excellent chance this video of a monkey riding a dog (below) will make you happy (my boss loves it) but it won’t solve any of your problems which is what you are looking for! Right? So....




How do you evaluate the software provider's Customer Success strategy?

Take a hard look at the following 4 functions that make up a solid Customer Success Strategy and start askinig some questions:

1. Onboarding/Implementation

  • Does the software vendor provide onboarding and initial training? What does that entail?
  • Is there a cost associated with onboarding?
  • If you need extra training is it available?
  • Is there a Standard Service Level Agreement (SLA)?

2. Customer support

  • What kind of technical support does the vendor provide?
  • An online resource center? Chat? Email? Phone?
  • How quickly does the customer support reply? Fix bugs?

3. Customer Education

  • How well does the vendor educate clients on the product?
  • Is documentation provided for the software and features?
  • Is there a knowledge center? How often is this updated?  
  • Does the vendor hold webinars?
  • Is there a community where clients share tips and tricks with each other?

4. Leadership

The best software vendors are customer driven and who better to relay the needs of the customer than Customer Success? Giving Customer Success a voice (a loud one at that) improves marketing, sales and product life-cycle. Things to look for are:

  • Current customer focused marketing collateral i.e. case studies,
  • An efficient sales process that acquires customers who are a great fit,
  • Product management strategy in line with customer needs (not just stuff that might be cool).

Here at Amilia, we’ve been working hard to improve our Customer Success. We’ve added a Community to our support center, are in the process of improving our documentation, how-to videos and will be frequently giving webinars to improve our customers Amilia experience.  Our Voice of the Customer program is a driving force for all new features and product improvements. For more information on what's to come, check out our Product & Customer Success Roadmap for 2016.

If you are looking for Online Registration software take a look at our features brochure and find out more about how Amilia can simplify your day-to-day.

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