Why Member Management is a Key to Your Organization's Success

Posted on 1/20/14 3:36 PM by Ashley Wood

If your organization runs on memberships, passes, and sessions, you know that your organization's success depends on your clients' satisfaction. A satisfied client is a happy, long-term client who will bring in new business by telling their friends about your terrific gymnastics programs, your diligent swim coaches, or your association's excellent speaker series.

What's the best way to keep your members satisfied? Personalized Thank you cards? Member of the week campaigns? Before any of these, the best way to keep your members satisfied is to ensure that your organization is organized when it comes to managing your members. Member management, more formally known as customer relationship management (CRM), is priority number one. If you stay on top of your members' account information (such as whether or not they've paid their session fees, what classes they are registered for etc.), you'll make life easier for you and your clients. 


I already do that with paper forms! 

If your organization is using good old pen and paper to take down membership information, consider this: Gathering and sharing contact information on paper is generally less efficient. It often leads to misinformation about who your clients are, what their account statuses are, what they're registered for, or what they've purchased. With online CRM tools, information can be easily entered and stored so that everyone in your organization is on the same page.

Have you considered managing your members online?

Exposure to technology and the internet has created consumers who know exactly what they want. Customers love dealing with organizations that take the time understand their needs and that offer them a product or service that's right for them. Having an online tool that allows you to group clients, store infomation about their specific needs and requirements is absolutly necessary to keep your clients coming back because it shows you care. 

The best thing about customer relationship management (CRM) tools is that they perform multiple operations efficiently and keep you organized. Good CRM software will ensure that all of your business processes are more efficient. It will streamline communication and, most importantly, increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Even small organizations can better manage sales, find new marketing opportunities and organize information more effectively so that the focus shifts towards effective customer service and designing better ways to keep your members satisfied.

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