Boost your Facebook Posts: Why and How

Posted on Jun 29, 2017 10:10:46 AM by Elizabeth Simoneau

In Facebook advertising's world, several promotional tools are available depending on your needs and your budget. In this article, we explain what the boost is, why you should use it but why you should not use it too often.

There is a post on your company's Facebook page that you find relevant? You want your posts to have more reach without starting a campaign? There is an alternative for you! You can use the boost button which allows you to increase the visibility of your posts simply and quickly.

Boosting certainly does not replace a full ad campaign, however it a good tool to learn the basic concepts of Facebook Ads. The boost is also very convenient for local businesses who wish to increase their visibility.

You can boost anything that appears on your page: status updates, photos and videos. Indeed, the boost button is strategically placed next to the publish button, so it can be tempting to click on it.


But why should you boost a post?

Because you want to increase your reach- which means that more people will see your post. Any post you boost will appear higher on both Facebook and Instagram feeds according to the audience you target.



Choose your audience

These are your three options when it comes to choosing your audience:


Option 1 : People you choose through targeting

If you have a little bit of time on your hands, you definitely want to try to set up your own audience. When you choose your audience, you target the people who will be most interested in your post. You can be very specific. You can target your audience according to:

  • Gender
  • Age
  • Geographical location
  • Interests

Make sure your audience is not too specific or broad. The arrow should point the green part of the dial.



Option 2: People who like your page

Not everyone who likes your page sees all your post updates. So, if you have an important announcement to make, you want the maximum of your followers to see it and the boost is the perfect tool in this case.

Option 3: People who like your page and their friends

Usually, friends have similar points of interest, that why you want to target your followers' friends. For example, if you own a gym club, people who like your page (usually your customers) have many friends who are also interested in gymnastics...and they should know about your organization!


Choose your budget

Your potential reach will depend on two variables: the amount you want to spend and the size of your audience. The amount depends on your marketing budget. But if you don’t have any, start with a small amount (10-20$) and if you see good results you can always add some credit while your campaign is running. The minimum budget for a boost is 1$ per day. As for duration, if choose one day, your post will have more impact but only over 24 hours. If you choose 14 days, the volume will be spread out over 2 weeks so it will reach the same number of people over a longer period.



Use it occasionally

Boosting a Facebook post is a simple way to advertise your organization, but in the long run we do not recommend this tool. Here's why :

  • Campaigns are optimized by Facebook for one purpose: engagement (likes and comments). So even if your goal is to get more traffic on your site, or to sell more products, Facebook will not make the difference and the results will not be optimal.
  • You do not have all the control that is offered with the Ads Manager or Power Editor tools.
  • You can’t edit the placement (Instagram, desktop, phone ...) once the publication is launched.

So here is our final advice: use the boost button to familiarize yourself with the different Facebook features and go with it sparingly. Once you feel more comfortable, it's time to try Ads Manager and Power Editor. New articles on the subject will soon be available, so do not hesitate to subscribe to our blog.


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