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Payment Processing 101

Posted on 11/16/17 1:38 PM by Yuri Emond

First, what is a payment processing service? It is a service that processes incoming payments, through which you will be able to make sales and accept secure online payments. You see a list of different online payment options on our blog and decide which one is right for you, as well as our rundown of the myths centering around collecting donations online through payment processors.

In other words, it is the connection or the technical “gateway” between a website (your Amilia store) and the financial institutions that manage the various means of payment. This payment processing service allows you to receive monetary payments made online.

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Chargebacks: What Are They and How to Deal with Them

Posted on 9/15/17 12:47 PM by Yuri Emond

In the field of e-commerce, there are several situations that can lead a customer to challenge his/her transaction. This may include misuse of the card (fraud) or, in some cases, dissatisfaction with service offered.

This situation is known as chargeback. It is the customer’s responsibility to request a chargeback and provide good reasons to avoid additional charges.

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