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What Your Camp's Registration Form Must Include

Posted on 5/5/16 3:30 PM by Marisa Samek

When kids arrive at camp, most of them haven’t got a clue of what it took to get them there. For parents, choosing a camp is nearly a full-time job as a Camp Intelligence Agent. They open 20 tabs on their browsers, scan through the “About Us” blurbs, the camp’s Facebook page is open on screen two, reviews on screen three, and a group chat with other parents on screen four. Once they’ve done sufficient due diligence (a few phone calls with Camp Directors, endless consultations with parental advisory committees, and finally the executive decision has been reached with the Board of Children), they dive into Phase 2: The Registration Process. This phase requires filling out at least two and sometimes six different forms, attaching photocopies of this and scans of that, until they finally receive a confirmation e-mail with the instructions for the next mission, Phase 3: The Send-Off. All the while, camps are going through the same thing: E-mails are pouring in, the printer is over-heating, Staff are highlighting, stapling, filing, and typing at light speed to enter everything into "The Spreadsheet" and, you haven’t seen the office floor in weeks because every inch of it is covered with forms, files, and coffee mugs.

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What Would Dale Carnegie Say About Your Customer Experience?

Posted on 4/21/16 4:00 PM by Marisa Samek

Dale Carnegie (famed speaker, trainer, and author of the classic "How to Win Friends and Influence People") established the guidelines on delivering an unbeatable customer experience. While Carnegie never sold his classes online—or anything else online for that matter—his teachings on creating an authentic and effective customer experience in-person still hold profound wisdom for delivering an unbeatable customer experience online.

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3 Qualities Your Online Checkout Process Should Have

Posted on 4/7/16 3:00 PM by Marisa Samek

Whether you're offering dance classes for beginners, gymnastics training for highly-competitive athletes or summer camp experiences for the whole family, your organization's financial outlook, especially when it comes to increasing revenue, hinges on available spots filling up at registration time. What's the difference between citizens leaving your point of sale empty-handed or bounding out of the venue, excited to start their new adventure? In most cases, it's your online checkout process.

Discover the 3 qualities your online checkout process should have:

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3 Reasons Why Your Camp Should Continue to Ban Mobile Devices

Posted on 3/26/16 3:28 PM by Marisa Samek

Many sleep-away camps pride themselves in offering an “unplugged” experience to their campers. The benefits of spending just one week to an entire summer without technology’s constant chatter seems obvious but, no matter how many times camps reiterate the “no mobile devices” rule, kids still arrive at drop-off with phones, tablets, and laptops tucked away in their duffel bags.

Discover 3 reasons why your camp should continue to ban mobile devices:

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What's on Every Parent's Mind During Your Camp's Open House

Posted on 3/14/16 5:20 PM by Marisa Samek

What is the single, most important thing parents want to know when they come to an open house at your camp? 

Trust me, it’s not the fancy water slide you've purchased, the counsellor who's a national swimming champion who you’ve hired, or the elaborate Inside Out theme day you’ve organized. The one thing parents care about above and beyond anything else Every single parent is sizing up your staff, your schedule, and your resources, with one thing in mind: Can these people take care of my kids?

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The Biggest Concerns Your Camp's Newsletter Doesn't Address

Posted on 2/25/16 1:14 PM by Marisa Samek

Camper-parent communication. Now there's a hot topic. Each camp has its own policies when it comes to camper-parent communication: some camps oblige their campers to write home and encourage parents to keep in touch while others mandate just the opposite. But what about camp-to-parent? There's a topic with a lot less interest but, for the sake of your camp's success, a lot more importance. 

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Meet Ashley, Our Marketing Director!

Posted on 5/22/15 9:57 AM by Marisa Samek

We want your organization to get the most out of using Amilia. To achieve that goal, we provide helpful blog posts, e-books, and e-mails that walk you through some of our special features and inspire you to use our platform in the best ways possible.Between trips to the office juicer, our Content Manager Ashley organizes, curates, and creates content that all our clients—from gymnastics clubs to Chambers of Commerce—read to improve their Amilia experience. We asked her 10 questions so you could get to know her better!

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Online Safety Tips for Kids: How To Not Overshare

Posted on 5/6/15 11:23 AM by Marisa Samek

A recent survey of over 5,000 youth in grades 4 to 11 by Media Smarts, an Ottawa-based non-profit, revealed that parents today enforce few rules governing their children’s Internet use. One reason for this trend is the rise in Digital Citizenship programs that teach children as early as Kindergarten about using the Internet effectively and safely. In this generation of digital natives, Internet safety has almost become common sense. Almost 

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5 Ways to Improve your Business' Facebook Page

Posted on 4/30/15 4:31 PM by Marisa Samek

Facebook can be a powerful and cost effective way to promote your business. According to a recent study, consumers are 71% more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. This means that if you haven’t revamped your website in over 15 years—in internet time, your site is a cyber cave drawing—Facebook is an easy, fun, and cost-effective way to communicate to your target market why they should choose you.

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