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3 Qualities Every Online Checkout Process Needs to Have

Posted on 4/7/16 3:00 PM by Marisa Samek

Whether you're offering dance classes for beginners, gymnastics training for highly-competitive athletes or summer camp experiences for the whole family, your organization's financial outlook, especially when it comes to increasing revenue, hinges on available spots filling up at registration time. What's the difference between citizens leaving your point of sale empty-handed or bounding out of the venue, excited to start their new adventure? In most cases, it's your online checkout process.

Discover the 3 qualities your online checkout process should have:

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The Biggest Concerns Your Camp's Newsletter Doesn't Address

Posted on 2/25/16 1:14 PM by Marisa Samek

Camper-parent communication. Now there's a hot topic. Each camp has its own policies when it comes to camper-parent communication: some camps oblige their campers to write home and encourage parents to keep in touch while others mandate just the opposite. But what about camp-to-parent? There's a topic with a lot less interest but, for the sake of your camp's success, a lot more importance. 

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