Camp Mariste | Case Study

Posted on 7/12/17 11:08 AM by Elizabeth Simoneau

Camp Mariste is a renowned camp in Québec, it has been using Amilia since 2007 for its online registration. Initially, Frédéric Dyotte, the Operations Manager, wanted to offer online registration and payment for campers' parents. Since they chose Amilia as its management tool, the team appreciates the platform's constant evolution. Amilia has reduced the amount of time spent on administrative work and allows more time for value-added tasks.

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The Challenges

There are many challenges involved in running a camp. These are the two main issues Mr. Dyotte faced when he took over as Operations Manager.

1- Lack of resources

With the retirement of many volunteers who worked at the camp, Mr. Dyotte faced a decrease in human resources. Thereby, the administrative staff had to spend more and more time managing papers, at the expense of customer service.

2- Endless paperwork

Prior to Amilia, registration was done only on paper forms and any exchange of information was made by mail. The forms were printed, filled by the parents and then sent to the camp - who manually entered the information on the camp computer. This method was not effective and led to endless paper management. In addition, the risk of loosing checks was high, which complicated payment tracking.


The solution

During his research, Mr. Dyotte found Amilia and it was obvious that this bilingual platform was more technologically advanced than the others on the market. Here are the camp's favorite features for their everyday management:

1- Online payments

The Amilia platform is user-friendly so customers don't have to call for information when they register their kids online. Payment options offer more flexibility, whether customers want to pay everything up front or in multiple installments, with a credit card or an e-check.

2- The cloud model

The Amilia cloud model allows Mr. Dyotte and the administrative staff to work from anywhere since the software is not installed on a single computer. Whether it's late at night or during the weekend, he can keep an eye on registrations.

3- Sale of items online

Every child who registers at the camp can buy a branded t-shirt. With Amilia, before check-out, customers can place an order for the articles they want. Thus, Mr. Dyotte knows how many t-shirts he must order and in what sizes, before the campers' arrival.

4- Technical assistance

Mr. Dyotte learns more about the platform through the Help Center where he has access to free videos, webinars and articles. He loves the fact that the platform has been evolving throughout the years. He often has access to new features that help him simplify his day-to-day.

The result

Now, 98% of the regular camp clientele registers online. Many of the new clients already have an Amilia account, which makes the online registration process even faster.

You can visit their online store here.


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