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The Importance of Online Registration for Your Dance School

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Is your online registration process tarnishing your brand?

Online Registration Software: Custom Build or Buy Off-the Shelf?

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5 Tips for a Killer First Time Customer Experience

Entrepreneurship, Accounting & Le Chiffre

Technology Serving Soccer Clubs

Meet Kyle Shewfelt – Canadian Gymnastic Legend and Amilia Ambassador

Want to generate more revenue? Idea #4 Organize a competiton

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Want to generate more revenue? Idea #3 create a referral program

5 Resolutions for Safe Online Shopping in 2017

4 Canadian Tax Credits That Can Save You Money

6 New Year Resolutions for Your Business in 2017

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2016 Milestones; A Recap of a Fabulous Year

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The Value of Customer Relationship Management for an Entrepreneur

The Customer Era

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Want to generate more revenue? Idea #2 offer workshops!

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Want to generate more revenue? Idea #1 offer kids birthday parties.

2 Ways to Expand Your Services and Integrate New Customers

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Customer Success VS Customer Support: What’s the difference and why it matters when selecting online registration software.

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4 Ways You Can Win at SEO (locally)

Payment Processor Integration: The Deeper the Better

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How YOU can help make Amilia Great! AND create the products you need.

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Make Sure Your Online Registration Software Doesn't Stunt Your Growth.

How to customize your Amilia Online Store

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Evaluate Software Vendors, Not Just Features

Online Payment - The Not So Secret Sauce You Need

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The Secret to Calculating Software Total Cost of Ownership

4 Easy Ways Your Organization Can Increase Revenue

10 Crucial Questions You Need to Ask Before Selecting Online Registration Software

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Why Mobile Commerce Will Kill You

Stop All Hell From Breaking Loose During your Camp's Registration Period

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What Would Dale Carnegie Say About Your Customer Experience?

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Is Your Checkout Process Scaring Customers Away?

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3 Reasons Why Your Camp Should Continue to Ban Mobile Devices

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What's on Every Parent's Mind During Your Camp's Open House

23 Things Parents Need to Know Before Camp Starts

Parents' Top 5 Concerns You're Not Addressing in Your Camp's Newsletter

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Paper Forms Are Costing You More Than You Think

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10 Fantastic Halloween Costumes You Can Put Together the Day of 

8 retention tips from SwimKids USA

Drop-ins: A great option for you and your clients

Fill your Courts on World Squash Day with Online Registration

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5 Effective Pricing Tactics for Swimming Clubs and Schools

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Can’t keep volunteers? 6 tips to make them stay

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Choosing an extracurricular activity for your child

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Increasing Enrollment This Fall

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You're Not Getting Through to Your Staff If You're Not Doing These 6 Things

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4 Summer Projects to become a more Tech Savvy Family

SaaS vs. Traditional Software

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4 Reasons Your Gymnastics Club Should Be Selling Branded Merchandise

5 Tips For Dealing With New Gymnastics Students

5 Ways to Jump Start Your Social Media Strategy for your Gymnastics Club

A Last-Minute Guide to Father’s Day

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Tips & Tricks for Preparing Your Kids for Summer Camp

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Unleash the Power of Online Registration Forms

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5 Promotions You Should be Offering Your Members

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Mobilegeddon is here: How the new Google Algorithm affects you!

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7 Online Security Tips for Online Shopping

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How We Manage Your Peak Registration Periods

One Simple Hack for a Greener Business

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Amilia is a SaaS… what in the world does that mean?

5 Tips to Increase Enrollment Next Session

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Use Technology to Improve Jobs, Not to Replace them

Amilia Releases Retro Registrations: a Revolutionary New Feature

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Coding Software is like making Lasagna: Why Software Development Takes So Long

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10 Tips to Make Your Registration Process Simple and Painless!

Don’t Sell Yourself Short but Don’t Kid Yourself either

5 Effective Pricing Tactics for Schools and Camps

Picking a Price Point for Your Classes and Activities

Why Load Time is Important to Your Organization

5 Ways Camps are Creating Self Determined Environments

How to trigger word of mouth

How can you make word of mouth work for your brand?

5 reasons you should make the switch to the Amilia Store

5 Tips to Help You Reduce Your Payable Taxes This Year (Canadian Residents)

5 Tips For Dealing With First Time Customers

PCI Compliance: Securing credit card transactions from beginning to end!

Hiring in the New Year? Here are 5 tips to writing an effective job posting

5 Tips on Dealing With Customer Complaints

Our 2014 Wrap-up!

3 Reasons Your Gym Should Have a Referral Program

Online Payment Options Make Fundraising Easier for Swim Schools

Case Study: North Branch Nature Center

Customize Your Store

Three Keys to Effective Fundraising

Water Safety Education for Your Students

New Feature: Fundraising

What We've Been Up To For The Last 2 Months

Drive Participation with Online Registration Software

Getting Online Payment For A Non-Profit Organization

Case Study: The Circus Place

Online, Not In Line: Why You Should Offer Online Registration & Payment

Reschedule Your Recurring Payments

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Amilia Now Offers a Pro-Rating Pricing Option!

Introducing Our New Pro-rated Pricing Feature

Introducing the Amilia Store Feature

5 Ways to Add Value to Your Gymnastics School

Are you ready for Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL) taking effect July 1st?

Teach More, Work Less: Sell Your Courses Online

5 Pinterest Tips To Help Establish Your Gym's Online Presence

Creating a Strong Brand For Your Gymnastics Club

Attract New Gymnasts with an Offer They Can't Refuse: 6 Promotions to Boost Your Gymnastics Club

What's a SaaS and Should Your Cheer Club be Using One?

How Social Media Can Add Value to Your Gymnastics Club

How to Manage Your Cheer Club's Online Presence

3 Tips To Effectively Manage Your Camp's Online Presence

5 Myths About Online Registration

7 Tips To Help Increase Enrollment For Your Gymnastics Club

How to Add Value to Your Gymnastics Club

3 Tips To Add Value To Your Association

Where Your Organization's Online Presence Makes the Most Impact

4 Reasons Your Club Should Be Selling Branded Merchandise

5 Myths About E-Commerce for Social Organizations

Yahoo Changes and Your Email deliverability

Website Security, the Heartbleed Bug, and Protecting Your Clients

The Benefits of Having a Website for Your Cheer Organization

Helping You Understand Why SEO is Important for Your Organization

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The Benefits of E-Commerce for your Cheer Club

How Your Social Organization Can Use Social Media to Maximize Functionality

Free Ebook: Choosing an E-commerce Platform

Free Ebook: E-Commerce for Sports and Recreation Organizations

3 Ways Your Circus School Can Create a Strong Online Presence

The Benefits of Knowing Your Customers and Clients Through Activity Management

Why your organization can benefit from using a SaaS

Benefits of Software as a Service (SaaS): The Wonders of the Cloud

5 Myths about Collecting Donations through Online Payment

5 Reasons Your Organization Needs an Online Store

How to Ensure Your Non Profit Organization Has An Effective Online Presence

4 reasons you need to make client feedback a priority

The Importance of Customer Success

Managing your Members: the key to your organization's success

5 Ways your Organization Can Increase Revenue with E-commerce

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5 Questions to ask when choosing an online payment method for your organization

Amilia Solves Championship Cheer Gym’s Paperwork and Registration Management Problem

Amilia's Quality Assurance Process

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5 Tips to Jump Start Your Social Media Strategy for your Gymnastics Club

How To Choose an Online Payment Method for Your Organization

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How to Increase Revenue with E-commerce

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