A New Client Portal for Your Clients!

Posted on Apr 20, 2016 10:23:49 AM by Ashley Wood

In January, we updated Amilia’s interface and made it more user friendly and easier for you to navigate. Now we’ve done the same for your clients. We’ve given the client portal a makeover so your clients can easily access their member information, communication history, documents as well as their billing and purchase history. Check out what’s new!


New Home Screen

The new home screen gives your clients an overview of all the activities and memberships they’ve signed up for. 

Quick access

Your clients can pick up where they left off with our “recent activity” section. Each tile can be moved and deleted.

My Calendar

Clients can view their scheduled activities on their personalized calendar.



Upcoming Activities

All activities coming up in the near future will be listed here. These activities can also be filtered by account member.



Managing information has become even easier with our new “members” tab. Your clients can access this tab to update or change the information they’ve submitted for anyone in their account.


Profile picture

In addition, they can now upload an image of each member. You can then use these images when using our mobile attendance feature.



Our new communication tab makes sure your clients don’t miss out on any information! Your clients can control their subscription to Amilia communications and keep track of all the e-mails they’ve received from Amilia organizations. An orange dot will appear next to the communication tab when a new e-mail has been received.



 Check out what the new Client portal looks like!

 Our virtual guide will show you around the new portal during your first visit.

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