5 Resolutions for Safe Online Shopping in 2017

Posted on Jan 10, 2017 4:37:39 PM by Elizabeth Simoneau

Over the years, the way we buy has changed greatly. Today, the majority of Canadians use the internet to shop and buy merchandise. It is undeniable that e-commerce has many benefits: prices are often lower, products are usually in stock and you don’t have to get out of the house. However, it’s important to remain vigilant when you buy online to avoid nasty surprises. We wanted to share with you these 5 resolutions you can apply for safe online shopping in 2017. These tips will give you peace of mind when you’re shopping online.



1-Use websites you can trust

First thing you should do is check the seriousness of the merchant in order to reduce the risk of fraud. It's always better to buy from a website you or a friend has tested, one you can trust. If you want to give a new website a try, verify that the following information is provided: the address of the business, an email address and a phone number. This information will be important if an error occurs. If you are still not a 100% sure, you can call the merchant or check for consumer reviews either on the website or on forums.

2- Check for the lock

Your next resolution is to make sure that the web site address starts with a HTTPS. The S stands for secured and tells you that the site is safe. You should also be able to find a little lock on the page. Moreover, services like PayPal or Paysafe guarantee safe online payments, so they are always good methods of payments. As a final note, be sure to never save your credit card information with the website because it could end up in the merchant’s data base.

3-Check for extra fees

You’re bound to come across them: delivery fees, custom fees, exchange rates and the list goes on. Be sure to go over your final invoice because these fees can add up and that great deal you thought you were getting is not as attractive. Also, keep a look out for those promo codes and be sure to use them -- they can save you money!

4-Keep your receipts

In case of a defect or a system error you will need your receipt so make sure it’s in a safe place. If you have the habit of deleting your receipts in your inbox, you should simply print them. Once the transaction is completed be sure to check that the correct amount was taken from your bank account. If the total doesn’t match your invoice, contact your financial institution.

5- Use strong passwords

Why not take the beginning of the new year to change a couple of your online passwords? When you change them, try to use strong passwords by adding numbers, capital letters, even special characters. Lastly, avoid using the same password for multiple websites.


There you go! You are all set to start buying securely online in 2017! If you would like to give feedback, or ask us a question, follow this link to our community!

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