5 reasons you should make the switch to the Amilia Store

Posted on Jan 30, 2015 11:57:00 AM by Ashley Wood

Last year we released our new user interface, referred to as the Amilia Store. With help and feedback from our clients, we’ve worked hard to make it the best it could be. Switching to the new interface has countless benefits and it comes at no extra cost to you or your clients. We’ve also ensured you keep all the features you currently use and that everything you’ve entered in the platform stays intact.


Here are 5 reasons you should make the switch:


1. Create new revenue streams


The Amilia store is built so that you can sell merchandise and create fundraising campaigns in addition to selling your activities and memberships. This allows you to generate new revenue streams for your organization while simplifying the buying process for you clients. You’ll be adding value by allowing them to register, buy required equipment and even make a donation in one simple transaction.


2. Benefit from all the cool new features


The store is where you’ll get access to all the new features and improvements we’re constantly releasing. While we still fix bugs on the old interface, we’re no longer adding any features or adjustments. Some of these new features include: fundraising, pro-shop, registration restrictions based on skills and the ability to embed your store directly in your website.


3. Get mobile!


Over 30% of web visits are done from a smartphone or tablet and almost 25% of the actual purchases are done from a mobile device so it’s imperative that your registrations and purchase process be mobile friendly! Amilia’s new interface is completely responsive which means your clients can do everything from registering to an activity to making a donation and checking out from their mobile device. Don’t miss out on registrations or purchases because you aren’t mobile friendly.

4. Sell everything directly on your site


Make the sign-up and payment process even easier for your clients by putting all your activities, memberships, merchandise and fundraising campaigns directly on your organization’s website. It’s as easy as copying and pasting a line of code that we generate for you. In order to keep your branding consistent, we’ve made it possible to customize your store colours as well as your tab labels.


5. Interface is even more user-friendly


Our new interface is more user-friendly and intuitive than ever. This means that everything from creating fundraising campaigns to adding merchandise to your store can be done quickly and effectively with little or no support. In addition to making things easier for you, it also makes the purchase process easier for your clients by giving them a familiar online shopping experience and allowing them to purchase everything in one seamless transaction!


Activating the new user interface can be done in 4 clicks and takes less than a minute.


Check out our how-to document here. If you have any questions or need any support making the switch don’t hesitate to contact us at support.amilia.com